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My three days of wall to wall meetings have left me exhausted but with a contented feeling of having achieved something.

So I play as Australian in Civ6 - because Aussie but also because they're a good fit for a science win (my preferred playstyle) which has always amused me.

Gathering Storm introduces climate change, and there's been no tweak to compensate for the Aussie perk to coastal cities now being a very very mixed blessing.

I thought this was a bad oversight, but I have now realised that getting screwed by global warming is actually more strayn than inventing WiFi and winning the space race.

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@aral Hi Aral. I may have missed it, but (apart from the VPN) do you have surveillance capitalism thoughts about Opera browser?

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i just found out about the African Pygmy Falcon and now so have you LOOK AT IT

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Calling potatoes mud apples from this point on

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I accidentally a Font Degooglifier:

I was sick and tired of having to manually degooglify fonts, so I made this. Seems to work. Handles both local files and URLs.

Perhaps somebody finds it useful.

#WebDev #SysAdmin #Google

Also from those of you of questionable personhood because mastodon is all about inclusiveness.

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Interested in your suggestions for some good podcasts, people.

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petition to bring back rainbows in computer logos

rt if u agree, fav if u agree

Bad bird site, whinge 

I have been dog-piled over on :birdsite: - by disability advocates - who have taken a self--deprecating tweet about doctors out of context and honestly, don't ever tweet.

Stereotyping, being condescended to and taking what you say out of context.

Pretty much what they seem to be most worked up about my colleagues doing.

What even is self-reflection?

Boosted this yesterday, but even more appropriate this morning.

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Shout out to all the librarians. Oh shit sorry.

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"We found that at least 61 percent of apps we tested automatically transfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app. This happens whether people have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not."


Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android | Privacy International

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when you overexpose night photos and you have a lot of moon light and no artificial light you get pictures which look like they are taken on a sunny day - just with stars.
#photography #LongExposure

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Someone, somewhere, has forgotten bin night this week and is now realising they’ve got prawn heads in there for the next seven days and the temperature is barely going to drop below 35.

I'm going to make a ploughman's lunch for dinner and it's going to be awesome.

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@trent @twiddlekins 🎶 Microbe, Microbe-man!
I want to be
A Microbe-man! 🎶

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