GPOY, boasting 

Awesome fun at Tropical Steampunk last night, including the gong for best costume!

Parenting, shoddy baking 

The cake for Mr 6 is not as good as I'd hoped, and he's too young to be diplomatic about the effort, but I hope it brings a smile anyway.

Any tropical gardeners on the fediverse that can tell me if the spots on my potted lipstick / sealing wax palm in Cairns, Far North Queensland is fungal or a nutrient deficiency? 💄 🌴

I backed Shroud of the Avatar on Kickstarter.

Check out the big box experience with a cloth map and some feelies.

Game on like it's 1993!

I am treating myself to a father's day gift (as the kids are 2500km away). Having wine and cheese in the parkland, waiting for QSO to start playing movie and superhero themes and it is made of awesome.

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