Interested in your suggestions for some good podcasts, people.

Also from those of you of questionable personhood because mastodon is all about inclusiveness.

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@trent What sorts of things are you into? Podcast-wise?

@daedalus eclectic tastes. Science, tech, interesting nerd stuff.

@trent I assume you already listen to Stil's 9pm Edict/Corrupted Nerds stuff.
You Are Not So Smart is light popsci fun that I dip into.
Revolutions has been okay a couple of eps, but I somehow haven't listened to more yet. It's queued ready to go.

@trent Of my non-niche-interest podcasts, I like Hello Internet; Ingredipedia; No Dumb Questions; Word For Word; The History of England; Russia, If You're Listening; The Infinite Monkey Cage; The Anthropocence Reviewed; Delete This. Pod Minutes to Cast Night is fun if you're into metal.

@pelagikat cheers! (although i'm a 90s big beat fan so i'm allergic to metal)

@trent I included that on an outside chance because it's one of my absolute favourites. They critique the worst albums of famous metal bands.

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