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I thank the Honorable Member for their question, and can I just say Mr Speaker, that anyone who wants me to remind them to stop engaging with #auspol can:

1. follow me; or
2. mention me with the word START

And Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker, the people of Australia may wish to know how to "unsubscribe". To do that, simply mention me with the word "STOP".

I commend this bot to the House.

Watching a video about a new modular laptop, and they're showing how they have hot-swappable ports, and it looks like the best fucking idea ever. Is your hdmi port on the wrong side? Just swap it to the other side. Need an extra usb port? Just click it in.

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How are all trans girls so damn cute omg (yes that includes you)

re: creative geography 

@jimbob @liamvhogan @futzle @stibbons If you all haven't seen Jay Foreman's Map Men series on YT, it's worth a look.


Nope, I was wrong. They made the link very clearly on the Roads/PT poster instead of the Health and Wellbeing poster \o/

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Hmm, interesting that no-one at my workshop defined a link between "Health and Wellbeing" and "Roads and Public Transport." Unless it's on one of the other posters.

@Buddhawilliams I get something like this too. Or if I've suffered a bereavement, I can function ok until someone expresses sympathy for me, and then I'll break down.

"Please excuse me for a second, my cat is eating my posters".


I have an 11am meeting and I wanted to get my loaf baked before that but I didn't preheat the oven as early as I should have so it wasn't at full temperature when I put the loaf in.

When I took the lid off the pot at 25 minutes, you'd certainly not have noticed that the temperature wasn't optimal. The loaf has sprung as springy as it could.

Have I mentioned sourdough is forgiving?

@indie Well, the English did. All the other countries in Europe had/have their own currency. But I thought you meant weight pounds, not currency.

@indie I don't disagree with your sentiment but by saying inches, feet and pounds, you're doubling down on a US-centric version of English.

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