Taking the long way home. Stopped at the Otway Redwoods. Now having lunch in Wye River.

I am testing my setup for the workshop. This is feeling very weird.

Selfie, pic of hairstyle, no eye contact 

Had my undercut redone today. Hair stylist went a bit triangle crazy on my hair tattoo 😂


I've suspected the labour/jobs structure in my economy sub-model has been wrong for a while, and today I've completed re-formulated it. Supervisor 2 originally had me set it up so it was demand-supply but then that just gave me excess jobs, and how was that supposed to influence income? I think this works better now that I've detatched income from labour supply.

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Me: Oh, I might just sit at my sewing table to brain out this thing on paper
*turns around*


I can't work out what happens in 2074 to produce this effect.

Volunteer organisation feelings 

We've had someone drop out from a high level role and someone suggested my back-up take it over. Here is part of her response 😂


Definitely feeling better again, I am well enough to make bread this week


Ok, this is looking better now too. It was in the 6000s, which considering they currently have 140 houses was a bit of a problem.

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I think I have fixed my tourist numbers problem. Took more than yesterday's revelation about being an order of magnitude out in my initial value, but I think it's fixed now.

Sock darning night. Reckon those patches will last longer than the cotton the sock's made from.

The trip to Bunnings was so we can solve the Salome-missing-the-litter-tray problem. Have decided to trial one of those cheap flexi-tubs with much higher sides than her current tray, and cut out an entry gap.

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