Ah, it's that python code I was trying to run yesterday. It's replicated my entire git repository about 20 times as temp files :blobcat_thisisfine:

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OMG it's worse than that. It's sort of fractally replicated itself because it's replicated the whole git repo, including the folder containing the replicated git repos....

Currently deleting the temp folders, we're at 33Gb and still counting.

Final count, 569K items being deleted from inside my git repo, I don't know how many Gb that is but in excess of 33. This is probably my fault for writing bad code but jesus.

Fortunately I didn't commit anything to git after I ran that code and it crashed.

@virtualwolf I was like "How is this in the tens of GB? My git repo isn't that large!"

@pelagikat Woo Hoo !! Kinda nice to see someone else make the mistake I once made, but I do also feel for you 8-/

So sorry, not sorry, but sorry.

Does that make sense?

Hope you recover it.

@ColinTheMathmo I think I just need to rewrite the code to make my working directory somewhere other than inside the git repo.

@pelagikat That would help ...

(Again, been there, done that. Well, not *exactly* that, but close enough).

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