I'm a PhD student in Melbourne, Australia. I work on localising the Sustainable Development Goals in rural areas, and my sub-fields range from human geography and scenario development through to large scale dynamic modelling.

I'm a first gen Australian white cis woman with Hungarian heritage. My partner @cefiar and I are guardians of two ageing tortoiseshell burmese cats named Salome and Chrissy and we toot pics of them using


I live with migraine and while not chronically ill, my attack frequency is defined as episodic - which means between 8-15 days per month. This means I don't qualify for a range of subsidised medication. As a result, I got organised and am on the board of Australia's only migraine patient organisation and am an advocate.

Pop-culturally, I love sci-fi (esp The Expanse) and am on the edges of the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom.

I am crafty, and love to knit, spin yarn, and sew. I also love growing our own food.

Music-wise, I listen to a lot of metal these days. My fave bands are Mastodon, Gojira and Between the Buried and Me but I love keeping up with new stuff too.

I live on land stolen from the Wurundjuri people, and believe that reconcilation should begin with treaty.

My account is locked but request a follow - unless you're a TERF or bigot, in which case you can get fucked.

@pelagikat this is how you write a bloody introduction post. fuck yeah.

@pelagikat have you looked into medicinal mushrooms and antimicrobial tinctures?

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