Covid, the Melbourne experience 

I read this very good article linked on :birdsite: and I think it bears sharing here too.

The thing that rang most true for my experience was this:

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Covid, the Melbourne experience 

@pelagikat This. Exactly this.

It has amazed me how most of the dinosaurs from the 70's at my workplace have reacted to this with a calm "let's get on with it" rather than protesting about it. People have taken it seriously and toed the line and we're now seeing results.

Covid, the Melbourne experience 

@matt Yup. And the absolute frothing at the mouth from my friends who live interstate. "Melbourne should have stayed in first lockdown longer." "Melbourne should have gone into lockdown earlier." "Look at all those fucking idiots spreading the virus and making things bad for the rest of us."

It's not about any one person and it's not anyone's fault. Fuck off and let us deal with it in peace.

Covid, the Melbourne experience 

@pelagikat Yes. I have a list.

Covid, the Melbourne experience 

@pelagikat I have much less faith than David that this will in fact be remembered in any useful way, but other than that ...yep, yep, pretty much.

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