My sourdough has been autolysing for an hour and a half and I need to go knead it but this has just happened

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@pelagikat My #sourdough gripe isn't cats but equipment failures.

I've already junked two Pyrex bowls/dishes. Now the clay steamer pot has a crackand my (new-as-of-April) OKO scale is on the fritz.

Bread itself remains amazing. There's been occasional store-bought, it simply does not compare.


@dredmorbius My biggest problem is cleaning up without getting sourdough all over my cleaning peripherals.

@pelagikat Bench knife (mine's just a drywall/plaster spatula) FTW.

I scrape flour & dough off the countertop with that, then run a damp soaped towel over it.

Dishes & utensils go in the sink. Big mixing bowel soaks for 10-30 mins, then I scrub out dough that's not fully dissolved.

Baking dishes (Dutch oven, clay pot) don't pick up much, thanks to parchment paper.

@dredmorbius Hmmm, so maybe I just need to soak it longer. Is this the sort of scraper you use? It just so happens I have one spare.

@pelagikat Yes, though much wider. 15-20cm preferably.

I picked mine up at a hardware store. It tends to rust after washing. I've been coating it in flax oil to prevent that.

Need to buy some true bread kit.

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