Me, looking at this figure in the book I am reading: "Oh, I guess they left the USA out of the study"
Also me: *looks again* "Oohhhh"

@pelagikat we're way out with the high wealth inequality but our health is way off on the worse side of the trend line


@cuttlefish From 2009, but I suspect things haven't improved all that much in the last 10 years.

@pelagikat @cuttlefish we'd probably need to be on an entirely different page, at this point.

@pelagikat noticing the data source is now 10 years old and we KNOW it has become worse since then.

@pelagikat usa: that settles it, I'm walking 10 feet ahead

@espectalll @pelagikat the social problem index presumably is hard to quantify on some things. But then i don't think many of these countries differ so much on those kinds of cultural things either.

@pelagikat @boxo they left out Switzerland. There is no beed to shock foreigners :)

@pelagikat The Spirit Level? I gave up a few chapters in because it was too depressingly true…

@petrichor Prosperity Without Growth by Tim Jackson. It's actually pretty optimistic but depressing because it's 10 years old now and nothing's changed.

@pelagikat That's probably the ultimate indictment of positive / optimistic ecological / limits books and theories.

They keep showing the way out.

And humans keep collectively not seeking that path.

(A few exceptions: 1960s era population growth rates declined, CFC/Ozone, and acid rain. The Big Problems still remain.)


@pelagikat @redoak Yay, we (Finland) beat Sweden, we have lower inequality and still higher index of prob... wait, that’s not good. It’s interesting how you can see clusters like the nordics, English-speaking countries and probably also others.

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