Operationalise just means implement, yeah? Goddamn verb nouning.

@pelagikat For example, in articulatory phonetics creaky voice is operationalised as a particular ratio of open:closed state of the glottis.

@pelagikat (this is maybe not a great example, as that can be directly measured but language is inherently pretty fuzzy in a lot of areas. The wikipedia page for it explains it a bit better -

@drbuttocks This feels more like they wanted to use another word instead of implement here.

@pelagikat Hmm. That does read a little oddly to me. Perhaps a difference in the way our disciplines use the word. Check with a supervisor, perhaps?

@pelagikat @drbuttocks that reads like integrating into business as usual processes (as opposite to bolting it on to existing)

@pelagikat @asherwolf I rarely find implement the right word, but I never find operationalise so

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