Me goes to login to a website using the sign-up box.
"Sorry, you already have an account."

Seriously, stop doing this, webdevs. MAKE THE LOGIN MORE PROMINENT THAN THE SIGNUP BOX. It's really user-hostile when you don't.

@pelagikat if this isn’t my top grievance with websites it’s too 3. (It’s probably top)

@geordie It's so bloody annoying. I'm not awake right now, I don't want to have to hunt for a login box.

@pelagikat @geordie Strava's webpage. If you go to you don't even get a login box. There's a link in the top right hand of the screen, or a tiny link at the bottom. Drives me nuts.

@TechnicalKO Yeah, this is the same as the website I just tried to log into. Click a *second* link to go to the login page.

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