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Ok, I did it. I'm pretending like the last 10 years of the shitty social internet haven't happened, and I created a DW account. You can find me at the same username; my posts will likely remain locked for the forseeable because that's what I do.

I have made 90% of this, just waiting for the base to cool before beating egg whites and chilling. It's really pretty easy.

Ok, brain. Let's read one more paper and then call it holidays.

I'm certain that figuring out how to circumvent the DRM on an e-textbook I downloaded from the university library is an excellent use of my time.

Have already been to the neurologist and come back home. He's super pleased with my response to the new meds. Now today will be a WFH day because I am tired after getting up at stupid o'clock.

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We have some friends coming round for coffee and cake on Friday, I am pretty keen to make this. Might have to do it tomorrow so I don't have to get up early on Friday.

It's hotter inside the PhD students office than it is outside. I'm going home.

Went to gym. A+ would gym again.

(Did a nice big upper body workout today which should hopefully calm my shoulder and back muscles down).

I am absolutely going to the gym at 11am today. I intended to go on Monday and then wimped out, and have been feeling shite ever since.

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Once we moved in, we went and bought a bird bath for our back yard. All the local birds seem to have found it now. Even the local currawongs are regular visitors!

A paper which I am listed as author on has been accepted for publication! It's just a short comment piece.

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Artist Claire Brewster uses maps to create artworks of flora & fauna, highlighting environmental issues #womensart

Oh! I get Easter Tuesday off as well! That's good since I've already booked in a visit to the hairdresser :D

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If I'm making a ginger decoction, is it really necessary to discard the solids? I'm trying to make a ginger sugar free candy for my kid who has pretty constant nausea

#plantsourcedmedicine No idea how to tag this lol

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I should caffeinate before my supervisor meeting.

Oh, it's that time again. Muting all the hashtags so I don't get spoiled. MAY HELLFIRE RAIN UPON YOU if you post GoT stuff without CW or hashtag.

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