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I am crafty, and love to knit, spin yarn, and sew. I also love growing our own food.

Music-wise, I listen to a lot of metal these days. My fave bands are Mastodon, Gojira and Between the Buried and Me but I love keeping up with new stuff too.

I live on land stolen from the Wurundjuri people, and believe that reconcilation should begin with treaty.

My account is locked but request a follow - unless you're a TERF or bigot, in which case you can get fucked.

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I live with migraine and while not chronically ill, my attack frequency is defined as episodic - which means between 8-15 days per month. This means I don't qualify for a range of subsidised medication. As a result, I got organised and am on the board of Australia's only migraine patient organisation and am an advocate.

Pop-culturally, I love sci-fi (esp The Expanse) and am on the edges of the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom.

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I'm a PhD student in Melbourne, Australia. I work on localising the Sustainable Development Goals in rural areas, and my sub-fields range from human geography and scenario development through to large scale dynamic modelling.

I'm a first gen Australian white cis woman with Hungarian heritage. My partner @cefiar and I are guardians of two ageing tortoiseshell burmese cats named Salome and Chrissy and we toot pics of them using

Considering how cold it's been today, and that there's only one human available, I shouldn't be too surprised that I'm stuck under two cats.

Ok, well I wasn't intending to finish work at 5.17 today but there you go. TGIF.

I'm giving him until 4.10 and then I'll just email him the stuff we were gonna talk about.

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Although I have a 4pm meeting. My brain checked out for the weekend half an hour ago.

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Oooh. I just had some bibtext which I copied to the clipboard and then imported straight into Zotero. NICE.

This morning I am writing a new resume from scratch to share with my industry mentor and get feedback on. It's hard!

Musing about pillows and ear/neck pain 

About three weeks ago I swapped pillows because I'd been getting a lot of ear pain at night (I'm a side sleeper and get this weird thing where my ear cartilage will hurt like FIRE if there's too much sustained pressure on it and wake me up). Not long after that my right trapezius muscle locked up and hasn't been getting better.

So last night I swapped back. I was woken with ear pain but my trap feels a lot better this morning 🤷‍♀️

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Illegal to not say "big stretch!" when a pet does a big stretch

Volunteer organisation feelings 

I was about to settle in for Stilgherrian's online quiz tonight when I got a message asking to help out with the volunteer org's monthly facebook live member's chat (people from the board chat on Zoom and stream it to FB). So I did that and then found out the quiz was cancelled due to technical difficulties so I didn't even miss out on anything.


Part of the reason for my indecision was that in the intervening time I got these giant (A0 and A1) posters of Westeros and Essos which now hang in our dining room.

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After all that, I forgot to take pics of my new mugs when they arrived!

Today I am wearing a dark green long sleeved tshirt under a black tshirt, plus my purple/magenta cowl and with my hot pink hair it feels like my ultimate colour palette.

I am doing an online grocery shop, and Woolworths has categorised the following things into "Carrots & Root Vegetables":
I am guessing whoever classified these has never seen them growing.

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for those who have experience of both: are contact lenses more annoying than glasses, or less annoying?

I've had the afternoon off work (Wed arvo is client visit day, usually I try and read stuff on the train and work when I get home but today I did not) and I'm kind of okay with it.

I started work at 8.15 and I finished a big piece of work that's been hanging around too long. I can start something new tomorrow.

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