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Ok, I did it. I'm pretending like the last 10 years of the shitty social internet haven't happened, and I created a DW account. You can find me at the same username; my posts will likely remain locked for the forseeable because that's what I do.

My bedtime book is a coffee table book. Not the most practical size for bed.

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Finally finished the gruelling photo shoot for the second album by the Dog Princesses (feat. Sophie).

Wow Melbs. That's quite the weather forecast for the next week.

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Decided to leave the office before 2 to avoid the hailstorm. Guess who got hailed on?

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Here are four pictures of #Dill, as a puppy, trying to figure out how chair do. What chair for. Who chair. Enjoy

Making a pair of (essentially) adult booties for a friend. Kind of making the colours up as I go along. Not sure whether to keep going with the burgundy for the sole or switch back to light grey (I'd rather not use dark grey as it's running low and I have a second one to do yet) :knitting:

Happy S2 ✔
Now time for Jessica Jones S3 \o/

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It appears that Avengers Endgame is still showing at some cinemas, and Captain Marvel is released on dvd on Wednesday, so we might just be able to squeak in the rest of the MCU to date in the next week.

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Our tour through the MCU landed at Infinity War tonight. Holy shit.

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Having a prog metal day. Barren Earth and Between the Buried and Me have been on rotation.

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