Yesterday was mostly a write off for productivity, but now I'm feeling better I still don't feel like I'm achieving much. Which isn't true: I'm in a high learning and assimilation mode and it's all going to come to fruition further down the line. But this week I have my fortnightly supervisor meeting and I always get a bit anxious if I feel like I don't have much to show (which I do; shut up brain).

Youtube just tried to show me an 18 minute ad 🀨

I received an email invite to a PhD confirmation of candidature seminar for a person whose topic is β€œThe prevalence, persistence and transfer of sperm in the environment” and I feel like that topic might need more information.

@pelagikat Tag yourself, I'm Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Oh no. I'm searching and I might actually be able to manage this.

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I am seriously considering knitting up some Sustainable Development Goals beanies for academically suitable gifts but wondering if I'll be able to find the right (17 different) colours.

Had my regular mentor meeting today. My mentor just got out of two weeks quarantine so she could spend two months working in QLD. She told me about watching the Tour de France; I told her about my spinning for the Tour de Fleece.

Reading a paper that has a supplementary *discussion*.

No thanks to the possum(s) which have taken up lodgings in our bedroom wall.

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I slept inconsistently last night and today I am full of brainfog.

I have had a very low-key day because migraine (it's still hovering). I read two batches of chapters of A Feast For Crows and listened to one episode of the re-read podcast for it while knitting, and played a bit of CKII. Then pizza for dinner.

A Helmeted Friarbird. I found several of these honeyeaters at the Tambo Dam (on the outskirts of Tambo - between Augathela and Blackall).

They're fairly noisy and often chase each other around the tree in some sort of dominance routine (or maybe they just like playing).

#AustralianWildlife #bird #photo #nature #HelmetedFriarbird

I especially love dreaming vividly while in pain about taking migraine meds and then not actually waking up to do it.

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I'd like to say a hearty 'fuck you' to this three day migraine over a weekend.

I might go prune some more monstera, since the weather is so warm.

Salome got vaccinated yesterday and is feeling a little poorly today (despite getting an anti-inflam shot to counter it), so she's snoozing in my lap, while I in turn am feeling substandard because of a migraine and am blobbing on the couch.

Moderately bizarre short silent film from 1927 about the Castlecrag Estate and "model suburb" in Sydney. Also features an incomprehensible dance sequence

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