Poop. My paper got rejected again. But this time I have some (actually) helpful reviewer comments.

Today we finally have a useful and interesting seminar topic: incorporating Indigenous methodologies into science practices.

I feel like this is the sort of thing that a proper community-minded organisation should be doing.

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I have joined a new women's super fund (run by women to support women) and as part of their services they offer separation/divorce, career, and financial coaching/advice for free.

Une commission spรฉciale mastodon pour @azaliz !

Je rappelle que je fais vos commissions personnalisรฉes de point de croix !

RT apprรฉciรฉs

Food, meat 

I finally snapped at the texts I've been receiving about landlord maintenance approval for a flat in Ocean Grove that I don't own, and sent the agent an email telling them to check the landlord's (her name is Carmel) phone number.

My cheery activity this afternoon is working out mortality rates by age cohort for Victoria. You'd think ABS had this already but I don't understand how their death rates are calculated so I'm working out my own rates from base data..

I am running the dishwasher for the first time since we got it back and... I think it still isn't working ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Does anyone in Adelaide or surrounds have a working Commodore PSU I could borrow for an arvo to test if my C64 still works? Apparently the old power supplies could kill the actual machine, so while I'm thinking of buying a new PSU, I don't want to drop the 100$ if the C64 itself is burnt out. Boosts would be awesome.

absolutely losing my fucking mind at this video from the wikipedia page for the physics engine "phyz"

The prodigal dishwasher has returned! It was gone for a bit over six weeks.

Oooh, my paper has progressed to "With editor for decision"!

I have asked to be 'enrolled' in the 3rd year GIS unit to get some basics in spatial analysis.

We are three episodes into Penny Dreadful:City of Angels, and I gotta say, it's not great. It's schlocky. I think they were aiming for a West Side Story aesthetic, but it missed.

Ok, I have finished overachieving for the day. Fall down go splat.

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