I just transplanted 19 accidental snow pea plants to a proper location (ie, not in the tomato pots) and one accidental probably-pumpkin.


I have my first paper back with comments from my supervisor. My favourite paragraph in the discussion has a comment of "Amazing paragraph!!" :awesome:

"Surprising amount of teenage pregnancy"

"Active farming with cows and bush foods"

Cows... AND bush foods?

Doing more data collation today:

"a farmers and producers market out the front selling local produce, cheese, meat, local mushie and cannabis medicinals"

No, tell me what you *really* think 😂


I have just come across the acronym "BRICS" which I had never seen before. Apparently it stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, being major emerging national economies.

There are a whole lot of schoolkids on campus today and hooboy, the cafes are not staffed to deal with it. I will be 30 minutes late for our lab group lunch.

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My new hair conditioner has an appropriate attitude/sense of humor.

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I love how we humans invite small tigers into our homes and are then surprised when they cause chaos

Selfie, eye contact 


I'll finish folding all the washing and then I can tick something off the list for today.

Today hasn't been a day of achieving greatness. Although I did go to the dentist and get an xray, and a clean bill of oral health.

I have another person who has put their contact details as "The cupboard under the stairs"

I have an email address provided by a participant with the domain

People that think it's ok to listen to their voicemails on speaker when they're in a waiting room.

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