Cleaned out my knitting box/bag/table. I have a lace shawl that I knit a year ago which is languishing because it hasn't been blocked. Although I haven't blocked it because I wanted to buy blocking wires which I haven't done yet.

@June now I’m bought in on the idea of a Dune Holiday Special.

Here's an old comforting picture of my #cat to reassure you that everything's going to be alright.

We missed the flash flooding that happened earlier in the CBD but I think we're about to make up for it now. And also, why is the rain coming from the east? It *always* tracks west to east, except for apparently tonight.

It's friday


gotta negotiate an orderly brexit that satisfies a hundred different political cults on friday

Meanwhile, Salome has been given a clean bill of health for her UTI so no more antibiotics \o/

Someone just emailed me asking if I was still looking for a PhD and would I like meet next week to discuss if so. It's a colleague of a person with whom I applied for a PhD earlier this year but just missed out by one. Never rains but etc.

Un-Follow Me Now, This Is Gonna Be the Only Thing I Tweet About For The Next Week

Watch out boy, she'll snoot you up

Oooohhh here she comes

She's an anteater

Real estate agents - never not mystifying. Why would I want to see this image in a listing?

I have gone through all the journal papers I had open in tabs and now my tab list feels so... expanded. I think I closed about 10 tabs (leaving 22).

My brain had completely moved on from it, but apparently I'm still in the running for a scholarship at UNSW for the climate modelling PhD. Not the speccy $40k one, but just the regular RTP one.
They've also pushed me back to the next scholarship round though so there won't be any notifications until March. So if the Deakin one comes through, I don't have to worry about it.

Although I should probably stop calling her my supervisor and start referring to her as my co-author.

When I get home from being neurologised, I absolutely must finish searching for papers to cite in my paper and send the shortlist to my supervisor.

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