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I am crafty, and love to knit, spin yarn, and sew. I also love growing our own food.

Music-wise, I listen to a lot of metal these days. My fave bands are Mastodon, Gojira and Between the Buried and Me but I love keeping up with new stuff too.

I live on land stolen from the Wurundjuri people, and believe that reconcilation should begin with treaty.

My account is locked but request a follow - unless you're a TERF or bigot, in which case you can get fucked.

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I live with migraine and while not chronically ill, my attack frequency is defined as episodic - which means between 8-15 days per month. This means I don't qualify for a range of subsidised medication. As a result, I got organised and am on the board of Australia's only migraine patient organisation and am an advocate.

Pop-culturally, I love sci-fi (esp The Expanse) and am on the edges of the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom.

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I'm a PhD student in Melbourne, Australia. I work on localising the Sustainable Development Goals in rural areas, and my sub-fields range from human geography and scenario development through to large scale dynamic modelling.

I'm a first gen Australian white cis woman with Hungarian heritage. My partner @cefiar and I are guardians of two ageing tortoiseshell burmese cats named Salome and Chrissy and we toot pics of them using


We did a fabulous vegan nachos for dinner, with guac, vegan sour cream, leftover pasta sauce and an experimental (successful) vegan cheese sauce.

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I have been made aware that in the new Peter Rabbit film you can see a rabbit holding a boom mic in the reflection of a bowl and not only is this one if the most meta things ever, it’s a great example of environmental world building.

Had my undercut and hair tattoo redone today. Decided to get a bit cheeky with the design.

Although hooboy, creature designers really love the threefold radial jaw opening schtick ever since Stranger Things (and Dune, I guess, who probably did it first).

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We just watched The Tomorrow War. I was initially sceptical but John Birmingham recommended it so thought it was worth giving a go. It's actually a pretty decent aliens-invading-earth-plus-some-time-travel flick.

Consumerism pondering, knitting related. 

Teaching this trimester means my income will be more (not that I've been struggling) and I'm wondering if I should use some of that to buy a swift and ball winder. They aren't essential by any means, but it'd make balling yarn a heck of a lot less annoying.

I probably need a niddy noddy too, for making skeins.

I think my brain has checked out for the weekend. Plus a friend's calling me in 15 minutes so there's no point starting anything new.

Two Premier's Sustainability Awards applied for.

Word includes all the text in footnotes in the word count if you highlight a section? WTF?

I do not have the attention span to pay attention to today's lunchtime seminar on time sense in bees.

Health weirdness 

I think the meltdown and exhaustion I had on Tuesday were migraine related, because today my teeth hurt. Being on Ajovy doesn't *cure* my migraine (nothing can do that), but it reduces and kind of redirects my symptoms.


Trying to make the family data from the ABS QuickStats website make sense against the population data, and it wasn't. So I went to the Table Builder site to get the actual data and the reason it wasn't making sense was because the QuickStats website omits the "Not Applicable" option - essentially all the people who live alone or in sharehouses.


Flipping heck, Sydney. I was teaching all morning and have only just seen the news. We love you and you got this :solidarity:

Someone has apparently just logged into the meeting room for my talk, which was 12 hours ago. If that's you, I'm happy to share the recording.

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Dogs are allowed in the bed.
(Please boost, I want to see if my perception is correct or not)

Just watched the trailer for the new Dune movie and I am a little bit hype. Would definitely be keen on seeing it on the big screen.

Work, mentoring 

I agreed to participate in a Q&A session about my experience with the industry mentoring program over the last year, and the person who asked me just dropped in the email that she'd also like me to facilitate the session. I mean, ok, but *blink*

I love it - just LOVE it - when Excel turns my age cohort values to read "5-Sep" or "Oct-14".


Me this morning: Ok, let's get into this model revision.
Supervisor 2: Hey let's apply for a Premier's Sustainability Award! But you need to do the application.
Me this afternoon after writing for two hours: Ok, let's submit this application.
Me at 3pm: Now where was I on that model revision...?

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