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Welcome to all the new folks 👋 My posts are slightly out of date but I'm waiting to update them because I'm about to finish my PhD (well, submit my thesis), move interstate, and start a postdoc. I do still have two tortie burmese cats, craft a lot, and live with migraine though.

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I am crafty, and love to knit, spin yarn, and sew. I also love growing our own food.

Music-wise, I listen to a lot of metal these days. My fave bands are Mastodon, Gojira and Between the Buried and Me but I love keeping up with new stuff too.

I live on land stolen from the Wurundjuri people, and believe that reconcilation should begin with treaty.

My account is locked but request a follow - unless you're a TERF or bigot, in which case you can get fucked.

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I live with migraine and while not chronically ill, my attack frequency is defined as episodic - which means between 8-15 days per month. This means I don't qualify for a range of subsidised medication. As a result, I got organised and am on the board of Australia's only migraine patient organisation and am an advocate.

Pop-culturally, I love sci-fi (esp The Expanse) and am on the edges of the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom.

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I'm a PhD student in Melbourne, Australia. I work on localising the Sustainable Development Goals in rural areas, and my sub-fields range from human geography and scenario development through to large scale dynamic modelling.

I'm a first gen Australian white cis woman with Hungarian heritage. My partner @cefiar and I are guardians of two ageing tortoiseshell burmese cats named Salome and Chrissy and we toot pics of them using

We mainlined Laura Kampf's hausbuilding series to date over the last three nights and now I'm invested.

Oof strong TGIF feels. Maybe I should go read a report for the rest of the day.

Apparently Aldi are giving me 30Gb bonus data next month. I already have 138Gb rolled over that I cannot get through.

Imagine me from 10 years ago complaining that I was being given too much data.

I just had a coffee roulette meeting with another postdoc I've never met before and Chrissy decided she needed to meet her as well by coming over and purring very loudly near my microphone.

For those on falcon watch, two chicks hatched overnight!

Although I do need to exercise today because I was doing really well and then I got home from Perth and haven't done any exercise in over a week.

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I've been pretty exhausted this week so I'm going to have a chill day today. On the schedule is paper editing and not much else.

Ok the downside of my new dress is that it's not really warm enough for the temperature it is today.

Half of my day has been derailed by watching the Collins St falcon eggs hatching.

Ok, I emailed the examinations office and they replied saying some of my examiners had been non-responsive so they've appointed one new examiner and their comments aren't due til Nov 1st 😭

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I'd really like lunch but I'm in 2.5 hours of back to back meetings.

I am wearing my new quoll dress today. It is yellow. This may be the first time I've worn something yellow in my adult life.

Today it has been five months since I submitted my PhD thesis and I still haven't received any feedback.

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There are cleaners here and Chrissy is not happy. Mainly because of the noise and the wet floors but also because feeding time has been delayed (because I am in a workshop as well).

TIL that $organisation has a Chief Dive Officer.

If you're every curious about the range of ecosystems on our planet, I can advise looking through the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Global Ecosystem Typology 2.0 report.

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I don't think it hurts to be generous with your praise for others, folks. Be like NK.

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I ran into my coffee-shop acquaintance NK this morning (we met for real at the Wear It Purple morning tea) and they told me they liked my dress (I am wearing my skulls and roses print wrap dress today) and that I always look stylish ☺️

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