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Ok, I did it. I'm pretending like the last 10 years of the shitty social internet haven't happened, and I created a DW account. You can find me at the same username; my posts will likely remain locked for the forseeable because that's what I do.

Spinning class was great today. We got to try spinning silk, tencel, soy, angora rabbit, camel, cashmere, and cotton. I liked all except for silk and angora. My favourite were cotton, camel and cashmere. And I took my wheel in and it got a new drive band, which made all the difference for ease of use

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Today is the last day of my spinning course 😭 It's been one of the best things I've done. The Guild run a certificate course which takes 18 months (one class per month), although the next intake won't be until April so I have a while to think about it.

Had a super interesting Friday seminar given by a postdoc from Unimelb today. Their project works on taking economic models based on global scenarios and feeding that through land-use models and ending up with species distribution models, at a global scale with a 1km resolution. Had a good chat with her afterwards and snagged an invite to come sit in on a meeting with them.

I'm glad I had an easy day working from home yesterday, I feel refreshed this morning.

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The Handmaid's Tale 

Post-kitty feeding time, I am sitting on the couch with my laptop to get some work done. One cat has settled on my ankles, the other is attacking my headphone cord and chewing the corner of the laptop screen.

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I have a perfectly good desk at work and one at home, but I'm tempted to go and work at the local library tomorrow for a change of scenery.

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It’s duckling season at work again, and this morning I found a group of four just near the parking station I park in.

These are Australian Wood Ducks.

#bird #duck #ducklings #AustralianWildlife

I am on a train that is so express that it's not stopping at my station. I didn't even know trains expressed through my station.

Did you know you can use onion skins to dye wool? But we don't eat onions at home cos @cefiar is intolerant to them. Look, what I'm saying is I'm carrying a bag of onion skin home with me on the train because my client was making salad while I was there.

Ok, I found a suitable image. Although I changed the orange person in the middle from male to female using Paint, because fuck the patriarchy. If you're gonna make me represent women with skirts, then I'm doing that with it.

PhD stuff 

I have spent all day working on marketing materials for my community engagement sessions and now I think it's time to go home.

Close to six months into my PhD, I have discovered I can get a 365 day parking permit for $365. Even if I only drive in 3 days a week, that's still $500 less than spending $6.40 on parking every day :facepalm:

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