I just did my first ever random emailing of a first author to question them about something in their paper.

Just found this cursed image that I screenshotted in the weeks after Bowie's death.

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Anyone got a good venue suggestion in Williamstown? I’m not a local and don’t know any cool places off the top of my head

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TOOT :dingding: FEST :toaster: 2020

Evening of 7/8/9 March (Labour Day long weekend)

We need your help picking a day and a venue, but we know the place: Williamstown!

Link: deffo.com.au/aQB0YEKO1
Vote in the poll below for the day, or discuss on the gathio link above.

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Deffo is the latest member of the Chinwag family.


If you want to share public events, we want to help make that easy for you, without requiring you to be tracked or spammed mercilessly.

It's a work in progress, but functional right now! Give it a go!


Apparently I have 40Gb of mobile data so I might just play YouTube while I read.

Do I want to do a course in data visualisation in Python? It's on my birthday.

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I've posted it before but this is as good a time as any to repost this handy diagram which helps you remember which is the anode and which is the cathode (originally by Raphael Abrams)

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Life Protip: avoid needlessly gendered language when teaching by referring to all of your students as "people of Earth", for example: "Welcome to lecture, people of Earth"

We just had a walk-through our new building. There is a (non-opening) window from the room with all the desks straight into the lab. I asked if the connection between the rooms was air-proof because I do not want to be that close to future cat stomach dissections.

Anyway, if anyone in Melbs is interested in a spinning wheel, this is an excellent price and comes with all the things you need

Someone is selling a good spinning wheel on Gumtree for $50 (traditional style). I do not need another spinning wheel I do not need another spinning wheel I do not need another

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There were steps leading from the sea wall into the water.
"Don't you just want to follow them down?" a tourist said.
An artist, painting nearby, looked at him.
"You don't need steps to get into the sea," she said, "only to get out of it."
Her smile seemed to have too many teeth.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I did a load of washing and then vacillated about hanging it out. Decided to hang it in the laundry just before it pissed down outside :drake_like:

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