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Ok, I did it. I'm pretending like the last 10 years of the shitty social internet haven't happened, and I created a DW account. You can find me at the same username; my posts will likely remain locked for the forseeable because that's what I do.

I could pay for it myself, but my scholarship is literally $5 per hour less than minimum wage, so I'd really rather not.

The process for trying to get myself to this conference in Canberra is so dispiriting that I almost don't want to go now. Faculty have money, but I can only use it to attend one conference in my entire candidature. Institute have no money. Supervisor got upset when I suggested using research funds.

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Just read a paper (from outside my field - I think it was humanities, maybe history) that I got increasingly frustrated with. It was littered with quotes, and Not. One. Single. Quote. From. A. Woman. Jesus fuck, you can do better than that in 2019 (yes it was published this year).

Lookit my pretty spun single! I'm hoping to ply this up tonight. I already have another skein of this colour, I am thinking of turning it into a felted bag.

"Leading this work" is a weird academicism that just means "organised" sometimes. Like, I was involved in planning our next lot of community engagement, so I 'led the work'.

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I made sure to get in right on 9am this morning because I left a bunch of stuff unfinished on Friday afternoon. Now it's 10.15am and I've finished all of it.



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@byttyrs my friend did a cool art project about this where she made a tapestry featuring five women who pioneered computer programming

I am now the proud owner of a second spinning wheel. This one is broken and bits of it are rusty, but @cefiar reckons he can fix it. It'll probably be better than my current wheel if it comes good.

I finished the second wrister last night! And although it's gonna be warm for a few days so I won't need to wear them, later next week it's going back to winter temps and I'll be grateful for some extra warmth :knitting:

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Here are some nice common sayings in Danish for the language nerds out there 😊

I made myself a cup of coffee. While the machine was going, I washed up some dishes. When finished, I looked at the drying rack (where my coffee cup spends most of its time) and said "Where's my coffee cup?!" :facepalm:

Sitting by the back door, I can hear the sounds of... The Nutbush drifting across the wind?

I think I'm going to head home and do my videoconference from there.

This was recommended by @hugh and I'm hoping I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed JB's Leviathan.

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