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I want to automate some boring grind work. I’m trying to work out what’s harder, ask for permission to put Python in the SOE, or just learn powershell and go with it.

I steer clear of commenting on any FB news articles. They still appear in my feed when people I know comment however.

Today I capitalised on my last few years increased push to elegant my cooking skills with an attempt on a bechamel sauce to go with scalloped potatoes. It came off quite well. Fam were impressed

I don’t like waste. Since returning to Oz I’ve been decluttering. Emptied lots of space up, returned items to use via eBay and made close to 1K so far.

Morning meetings have started. Cue the brick cutting next door. 🤦‍♂️ I think they are 80% done at least

Saturday evening family catch up with the kids Nanna and Uncle. Nice.

So the Goldman Sachs head honcho has called home working an “aberration” to be correct as soon as possible. Whilst I disagree whole-heartedly, I fully expect many employers to push most of their work force to return to the office full time. Big business wants the economy stimulated with feet on streets

Excited that our new car that we ordered ages ago is finally going to be ready for us to take delivery of next Wednesday.

Since returning to AU, Nanna decided she is too bonded to our former cat (who was living with her) to part with it. Wife, I and 2 older boys assure Nanna we are sad but understand. Youngest () yells, “Nanna I don’t like you any more because you stole my cat!” Then bursts into tears. Oh dear.

My poor wife starts a meeting and right on cue the builders next door commence cutting house bricks in half with an industrial circular saw

It’s funny when you’ve seen office politics often enough that you can predict exactly what people are going to do next.


I am making a point of using News apps now. Don’t care that FB is undoing its block

I hope today is kind of routine style boring. I need it. Is that bad?

Just got a call from the school and our youngest (9) has slipped and chipped a tooth. Busted half of one of his front tooth off. Off to dentist. :( I did the same thing at his age.

Builders next door have AC/DC on endless playlist.

I borrowed one of their gaming mice. Very nice. I think I want some more quality gear for yours truly now

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Next door builders were dismantling scaffolding. So I moved to the kids gaming desks in their room to work. No questions yet as to why bunk beds are my backdrop. Lol

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