Work from home day today. Apart from the neighbouring house builders, who are drilling into the brick slab with hammer drills, all is going well.

My kids love their PC gaming gear. On their recommendation I treated myself to a TKL (Ten keypad-Less) keyboard with Cherry Red MX switches. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. So much nicer having a quality mechanical keyboard that is both small and mostly quiet

@daedalus That’s awesome. My best pace was around 5:50 for 5-10 K

Had my AZ COVID jab last Friday. Have been really needing to drink tons of water. Irregular high thirst levels for me.

@daedalus Don’t feel bad. My shape has been ok, but the AZ COVID jab on Friday left me too depleted to run Sat morning. Flaked into bed 8pm sat night. Sunday I could only run 2.8K of my normal 5K. And I was at 7:20/K instead of 6:15.

In the bookings line to get the AZ COVID jab

4:30pm ... ‘Son do you have everything for school tomorrow?’ “Yes dad!’”
9:58pm ... Finally able to sit down and relax. 9:59pm ... “Dad, I need a mouth guard for sport tomorrow”

Heading home from the CBD before sunset

We all know people whose ‘RBF’ (Resting Baseline Face) is rather sour looking. Some people also bear the weight of a default ‘glass is half empty’ outlook which doesn’t help. Then the day comes when you happen to capture them on video in a moment of joy. And there’s an incredible smile you’ve never seen before.

@daedalus Yeah I think I need to get another bag and do that. My kids burned through our last bag of 10 cheapies. He’s literally listening to videos of vacuum cleaners and assorted power tools.

There’s a Boomer behind me in the Bob Jane tyres waiting room listening to stupid loud annoying YouTube videos - no headphones of course. Given 2 of our new cars tyres are a write off having copped screws in the side walls my tolerance levels aren’t very high.

NAS f/s rebuild 

Establishing a new RAID pair be like:
“Many hours later...”

Ok, whilst working from home i have no excuse not to kick off the big home NAS rebuild to go block based storage pools with snapshot protection. Fired up the mothballed old NAS that I decommissioned some years back. Rebuilding a big RAID1 volume to use as an iSCSI LUN that the newer one will use as a staging area. Hopefully it won’t throw a drive or 2, but there’s always the failsafe backups if I have to go there.

@daedalus Yeah. No morning run outside. Was going to press on with the carpentry project but that demands outside work so that’s a no. Might do some catch up work on the tax prep

Wow. Select-String is slooooow. No wsl in SOE, so no grep. 😭

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Today’s challenge. Tackle a very large text file report with nothing but the SOE Win10 build tools. Ok Powershell, let’s see what you got

I’ve opted for an abundance of caution. The UPS dead backup battery is going to get replaced before my upcoming home NAS storage pool rebuild and data restore. It’d be my luck to cop a brown out during operations

Hope you all had a great long weekend. I stayed off the internet. After punching out two 5K runs I spent 2 of the 4 days living the carpenters life. Definitely a developing skill. I’m putting yellow tongue flooring in our roof space so we can use it as a storage room. I fell asleep 9:15pm (early for me). I was knackered. Slept like a corpse until 6:50. Carpenters must be fit people. No need for gym today. Body is very work sore.

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