My kids love their PC gaming gear. On their recommendation I treated myself to a TKL (Ten keypad-Less) keyboard with Cherry Red MX switches. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. So much nicer having a quality mechanical keyboard that is both small and mostly quiet

This is Friday funny gold. Check out this mornings marketing wax job from Microsoft regarding O365 issues (I suffered Teams outage). If I used that first sentence to the Director of Ops back when I was managing a technology team, things wouldn’t have gone well for me.

Seriously, who puts an up/down arrow this small on a keyboard.

We have a great porch. Porches are under-utilised in Australia. In the USA it was very common to see people sitting outside, out front all the time. I do so now for 15 minutes in the evening. It’s funny because it weirds out the passers by who don’t know where to look. 🤣

Day 15, and we are out of here in a couple of hours. Time to fly home!

Funny Trump Pic 

A post from a nearby classifieds FB group I’ve been using to sell stuff 🤦🏻‍♂️ Sometimes it’s hard to stay quiet and abide by the official behavioural guidelines for partners whilst OS.

TC Marco is way off to the west and brought only some light rain this morning. TC Laura is wring talked about as a potential Cat-3 and will probably hit around Louisiana on her NW track. But I’ve been here long enough to know they often veer to the North at the last minute. The eastern side of Gulf of Mexico base Hurricanes are worse for wind, sheer and random spin-up Tornadoes. Not keen to evacuate though unless it looks absolutely necessary.

More Gloomhaven iso painting from a few weeks ago. The Tinkerer and Mindthief

My latest craft creation. Painted the Gloomhaven Spellweaver. It's 3cm tall.

Here are my mostly finished but still work in progress miniatures for Gloomhaven. Still need to do eyes, some detailing on clothes and the bases. Last time I painted figurines Ronald Reagan was the POTUS.

My new GARMIN watch (XMAS prezzie) has Pulse Ox. Given Denver is at 5500ft altitude, it’s interesting to note the drop for the last 24 hours, as compared to the previous 6 days.

Got my new laptop (the kids hog the PC) to use with my MBA that is starting in a few months. Bought a gaming version solely based on specs, price, features so that I have enough grunt to run VM’s etc. Not sure of the styling though.🤔 Kind of screams teen angst though 😂

Wife bought me an AeroPress. It makes really good coffee. No electricity required. This is coming with me on holidays now.

As seen in a Canadian shopping centre today.
... Eeeer Yeah?!

I miss my puddy tat. She is with my brother-in-law back home in AU. Unsurprisingly animals don’t really get much out of Facetime call.

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