Wow. Select-String is slooooow. No wsl in SOE, so no grep. 😭

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Today’s challenge. Tackle a very large text file report with nothing but the SOE Win10 build tools. Ok Powershell, let’s see what you got

I’ve opted for an abundance of caution. The UPS dead backup battery is going to get replaced before my upcoming home NAS storage pool rebuild and data restore. It’d be my luck to cop a brown out during operations

Hope you all had a great long weekend. I stayed off the internet. After punching out two 5K runs I spent 2 of the 4 days living the carpenters life. Definitely a developing skill. I’m putting yellow tongue flooring in our roof space so we can use it as a storage room. I fell asleep 9:15pm (early for me). I was knackered. Slept like a corpse until 6:50. Carpenters must be fit people. No need for gym today. Body is very work sore.

A heavy blanket of apathy, disinterest and desire to socially withdraw has fallen on me. Why?

I don’t knit, but I think I understand the appeal. For me it’s cleaning out iPhone contacts. One by one. Slowly I get through a letter each session. My last gift from the former employer was to quadruple all my already bloated contacts on my final sync to outlook. I have to meticulously unlink the one to keep and delete the duplicates

All done and successful. Groggy teen is sobering up from the GA medication

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Going under a general anaesthetic - nerve racking
Watching your kiddo go under - nerve racking squared

Caught the early bus today. Sadly I left the headphones at home. Now I’m trying to work out if I can make it to the $2 shop to buy a cheap pair for the trip in the 4 minutes I have spare before the train arrives.

The office milk parasites are feeding on our teams milk. I detest scummy behaviour.

Okay, my paranoia served me well and the triple boxed, double foam suspended storage for the NAS meant it arrived 100% intact and HDD's good. Sadly the APC UPS that was in storage has a 100% dead battery.

This is Friday funny gold. Check out this mornings marketing wax job from Microsoft regarding O365 issues (I suffered Teams outage). If I used that first sentence to the Director of Ops back when I was managing a technology team, things wouldn’t have gone well for me.

Yey! Out stuff arrived from the USA.
There are a lot of boxes. Many crushed, so I hope the insurance works out ok.

People are possessive about work fridges. I put my stuff on an empty shelf. Come back lunch time and someone has put their stuff there and arbitrarily moved mine elsewhere. 🤔

My bus will be a bit late leaving because ...
The driver needed a wee break ... 🤣

My 15yo dropped my best portable phone charger in the toilet. 😡

My Gen-Z kids have learned that the easiest way to trigger their Gen-X parents is to call us Boomers. They didn’t try it a second time. 😈

Morning Fediverse. I’m up early running, and the inner planets are looking beautiful just before dawn. 🙏 Thank you universe for your beauty

A flock of people have returned to the office behind me. They’re quite chatty. Quiet bliss is now gone 😔

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