I'm applying for a job atm with 57 key responsibilities that they require an answer for in the cover letter. I'm not writing a letter, I'm writing a novela!!!

Barak isn’t holding back. Oh man this is good.

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It’s like watching WWF back in the 80’s when Paul ‘The Hulk’ Hogan would sneak back into the ring when the bad guys in the light weight category though they were about to beat the good guys by cheating. 😂

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I’m watching Barack Obama live speak in Philly. Damn he’s a good speaker.

Funny Trump Pic 

A post from a nearby classifieds FB group I’ve been using to sell stuff 🤦🏻‍♂️ Sometimes it’s hard to stay quiet and abide by the official behavioural guidelines for partners whilst OS.

11-yo son: "Dad how am I supposed to get work done if I am in meetings all day"
parents: <rolling on floor laughing>
11-yo son: "What's so funny?"

It was actually chilly outside last night again. Just over 4 weeks and we can trade autumn for spring and roll into another summer. :)

Florida's Gulf Power has gone back to the bad old days of flipping the power off/on every day at 0559hrs This is not amusing. I have to re-enter the decryption key and checks every time before restarting the Cloud backup. Still only at 31% thanks to the interruptions.

Covid Logistical nightmare: It took NY state from April to October to test 12.5M people. So how to vaccinate 20M people with 2 shots of each, 28 days apart, with the vaccine kept at -62C degrees?

Gov Cuomo touting the 1.08% NY infection rate, as opposed to 12.7% in Florida

New York Governor Cuomo Is speaking about the logistics of vaccine distribution. And giving it to the federal government with both barrels. I like him.

The Biiig cloud storage backup job of all the families photos and home movies is tracking at 10% per 24 hours. Just as well I started 5 weeks out from leaving the USA.

Daily COVID-19 count for our local county is 154 new cases and 2 deaths. It has been pretty steady at this level. Florida as a whole (pop 20M) has been mostly steady on around 3500 cases per day. That’s what you get for having a hackneyed strategy that isn’t firmly implemented.

Today's children initiated mathematics revision topic was point-slope vs slope-interval form.

😮😮 Turns out my grandfather's older brother was due to be married early 1912 and then set sail to New York with his bride and take a train to Vancouver to start his new life. He fell sick and they postponed the wedding for several months. He was due to sail on the Titanic!!! Holy Heck!! Talk about a fortunate accident.

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Got invited into a FB genealogy group by my paternal kindred. They used DNA (I haven't done it), but I'm having a ball playing detective and hunting for more information. I posted a 1911 photo I had of a fancy family wedding. Someone found a newspaper article. Some of the ladies decoded the elaborate descriptions of the dresses against the photo. It's very addictive trying to piece things together and work out who's who.

Also happy tonight because my Walmart online shopping pickup included red wine. I am resigned to buy the more expensive cardboard box as it tends to be in stock. I only have a glass a night, but I did miss it. I know some people go alcohol-free. Admirable yes, healthy yes, but I have no real desire to join the club. Besides, I need to get my resveratrol from somewhere.

Did a structured Zoom Q&A with the prof in front of 300 prospective 2021 MBA students. Went well.

Yey!!! 😀 United Airlines confirmed that our flight is flying, just no longer taking bookings. So we are out of here Nov 19 as planned. Less than 6 weeks. Damn if that doesn't feel good.

US politics <rant> 

Trump has instructed the US Senate to stall Stimulus package negotiations until after the election! 😠 Scorched earth gambit. Vote him back in to get stimulus in November. Vote him out and he'll stall it until after January. Why do I care? Because flights out of the US are screwed up right now. </rant>

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