Just realized the autocorrect changed a fumble from the intended here to hear on an earlier toot. 🤔

Waiting in line at the local Florida DMV. Been hear 1.5 hours. Soooooo bored.

So should this decade be called “The Roasting 20’s” ???
Sounds more appropriate than the Roaring 20’s

Back home to reality. Piles of washing to get through and some catch up MBA stuff.

At the risk of stating the patently obvious, turns out insulated water bottles are doubly useful. They prevent your drinking water from freezing. It’s strange, given it never gets above 0C degrees, the entire rear cargo area of the pickup is effectively a giant freezer. You could shop for meat in the morning and leave it in the back of the car all day without concern. LOL Just Weird!

Facetiming Nanna so she could watch the kids play in the snow in the -4C temperatures was enough to finally cause my iPhone 7 battery to crash and go into permanent performance management mode. :(

Yesterday was a snow day chilling out at our Denver Hotel as Winter Storm Gage moved through. Testing my drifting skills and the rental pickup truck’s LDW insurance wasn’t on my list. We went out into the courtyard and had snow fights until the fingers began to freeze.

And yes I ordered my prezzie myself on Black Friday (thus why I’ve had it a month already)

My new GARMIN watch (XMAS prezzie) has Pulse Ox. Given Denver is at 5500ft altitude, it’s interesting to note the drop for the last 24 hours, as compared to the previous 6 days.

Christmas Heart Warmer: In a small town in Massachusetts, a young couple whose 2 year old daughter was born deaf was showing signs of depression due to isolation. So the entire street paid for a sign language tutor and lessons, so they could brighten her day by communicating when they meet.

USA Flu Season: Puts the size of this country into perspective. Over 3 million reported cases, 32K in hospital and 1800 dead so far. It’s a strong flu. Even with the vaccine (only partly effective) 4 of 5 in the family here were in bed for 2 days and feeing sick for 2 weeks.

Pre-Christmas shopping at Walmart. Oh my!

Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast are shocked by the upcoming drop in weather from 21C to 8C in half a day. Being Melbourne natives we are like ... meh! ... When it drops that much in 15 minutes, call me! LOL 😆

Finally got back to sleep. Was dreaming I was talking to someone when that person said, “wait someone’s alarm is going off” To which I replied, ‘yeah that’d be me’ as the dream slipped away. 😴

Here comes the thunder from the storm front. The systems for detecting the exact areas where rotation of air masses is likely really is top notch.

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My friend asked to use a USB port to charge his cigarette, but I was using it to charge my book. The future is stupid. -- Dean Burnett

Aaah, nothing like a 315am wake up from the emergency alert system with a Tornado warning watch until 415am.

I gave the Aussie preso 5 times to the US 2nd graders. That was such a buzz getting them interested and engaged.

The first run of my 2nd grade Australia presentation went well. Very interactive. Even giggles at some of my jokes

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