Youngest kiddo last night says, “Dad the light (chandelier above kitchen table) is dusty and has spider webs, you’re not doing a very good job!” He has no filter. This morning. I look up, see dust. *sigh* Just finished dusting the house.

Went for a swim in the outdoor Air Force Base pool. With the impending threat of closure due to lightning I smashed out a PB of 21:11 for 1km. That’s 40 seconds faster than my previous best. And I’m not actually swimming regularly.

I just saw a YouTube video on the resurgence in popularity of D&D - fueled in no small part by YouTube and Twitch. It's been 30 years since I've played. I miss it.

I have a dashcam now. Car Insurance and litigation being what it is in the US of A. Here is my first gifted driver

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I wanna play a #DnD game where accumlating money is important and most currencies are backed by factions whose destruction/weakneing can mean whole currencies crash or loose all value, so X-Credits might be easy to get but if the fragile Merchant Conglomerate gets broken up you'll find yourself sitting on a pile of worthless metal

Every had something literally disappear from under your eyes into the Twilight Zone? My wife and I did (and she doesn’t lose ANYTHING). Turns out our shopping list electrostaticaly hitched a ride under a ziplock bag into another room. I was seriously beginning to question my sanity. Too funny

Yet another lightning storm knocked the power out (3 times this week) . Currently lying in the kids room putting them to sleep whilst squinting at my iPhone screen trying to make out the Windows 10 desktop screen I remoted into to restart some things. Cursed eyes!

Did I do wrong?
I deliberately did this subject change short and sharp as the stress had upset my teen to an extent I’ve never before seen. I had no idea either until he totally broke down. I wanted a swift resolution. TBH I wasn’t expecting the teachers to give me so much backlash for no consultation. But knowing my son he would have allowed himself to be talked back into doing a subject he likes but doesn’t need for a STEM career. He likes to please others.

Feeling the weight of others expectations for you is hard. At 13 years old that can be crushing. My 13 yo has made a difficult decision to drop music/band to add an academic subject. He was good and now the band director and his teacher are upset he’s leaving and that they didn’t get the chance to ‘talk’ first.

Our Aussie kids USA Elementary school have now fitted bullet proof glass to reception. Closing off the last insecure entry point. 😕

Just watched an episode of M*A*S*H that Reggie and I have never seen and I’ll bet you haven’t too. S08E22 ‘Dreams’. Very somber and dark-themed episode directed by Alan Alda. Brilliant too. All because some Channel 10 studio exec probably thought it was too much for Joe Public. Do yourself a favour and watch it.

It is a hard time to be living in the USA, witnessing the tragic events of the recent shootings, and seeing a significant majority in this country avoiding discussion of the obvious solutions that lie through gun control. Living in the South I need to bite my tongue. Times like this I really look forward to returning home. 😞

Got home yesterday from our 3 week road trip of a lifetime. Travelled 7096 kms and 96hr 29 minutes in the minivan. Real life, school and work now resume.

We are now driving over the border to remedy the situation seeing as Tennessee is close. 😂

And ... you can’t buy alcohol in Arkansas on a Sunday! 😢

At the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. TodY is the last day of sightseeing on the trip before the slog home. And it shows with the kids. The 13 is somewhat interested in the science. The 8 and 10 year olds are niggling each other and otherwise stress testing the breaking point of the museum exhibits.

Wooot! Google Chromecast now supports Amazon Prime Video. No more having to setup flaky screen mirroring off my decrepit 8 year old Android tablet.

Staying in Michigan. The have fireflies here. They are so cool! 😁

Heading west to Michigan now that we spent the better first half of the day checking out Niagara Falls (from Canada). I have heard so many people bag it out as being disappointing and ordinary that I didn’t expect much. Consequently I enjoyed it.

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