Hello! Silly thought for today. Was thinking about what fashion I’d like back. Thought about Hammer Pants! How about business suit fashion pivots to a Hammer Pants style? 🤣

I notice Aussie Broadband posted an emergency change for 0400 tomorrow. Most likely to fix whatever ballsup caused this mornings 0800 unplanned outage. Aaah Ops. I don’t miss it.

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I made meatballs on monday with a new recipe. Most sat in the fridge until today when we put them in a penne pasta with home made napolitana sauce . The panade I put together infused in the meatballs marinaded something fierce. They were melt in the mouth smooth and incredibly intense and flavoursome. They were so far and above anything I’ve made before that I’m truly stunned. And happy.

Nice little outage this morning. Good to be back.

I listen to Spotify whilst focussing on quiet work. I now get the Spotify “subscribe you free version cheap-ass” advertisements read by a French woman. Don’t understand a word, but man it’s a mesmerising language to listen to.

I swear, my covid symptoms are like playing wheel of fortune. Each hour a different symptom.

Hello. Still here. Ben busy nursing the family through covid. Now it’s my turn. 🤧

Accidentally typed ‘ediot’ before. Could be a useful word to more accurately describe the feeling of having to go back and fix an autocorrect error in a social media comment or post?

Microsoft Outlook seems to have ditched the command ribbon. I kind of liked it. RIP

It’s annoying because I suffer tinnitus, and this kind of sound really sets it off

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Todays random working from home noise is …
More paver cutting and concrete drilling. 🤪

Melbourne seems to be on the transition to winter

The perils of working from home during school holidays. … I’ve just realised that my 16yo isn’t awake yet. At 1357 hours. 🤣

Struggling to focus on work again today.

After a troublesome 10 days my youngest is finally recovering properly from throat surgery.

My poor young fella is at home recovering from his operation. Lots of pain, nausea and vomiting right now to manage. 🙁

I’m staying with my 10yo in hospital, who is recovering from a planned surgery. Poor thing is having such trouble eating.

Howdy Feds. Let’s hope this week is a good one for you all.

I guess mental health is like physical health. Some days you bang out a great run or workout and power through the day. Other days it’s a struggle just to keep moving.

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