The key to amateur DIY plastering is all about buying good product and even better sandpaper.

On the upside, whilst I crawled under the house I squished a red back before it bit me. And as a side bonus discovered one of the underfloor heating ducts was disconnected. Which I fixed. Solved the plumbing issue without parting with several $100. Could have been worse I guess

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Had great plans for this afternoon. Then the youngest threw a toy and put a hole in the plaster wall. After fixing that the eldest thought flushing his large used tissue collection down the toilet was a good idea. Blocking the toilet and pushing the sewage out the shower. 🤢

I’m nervous as hell watching the Inspiration4 SpaceX launch with an all civilian crew!

My 10yo is having a bad start to the day home schooling. Both our nerves and patience are shot after only 20 minutes. :(

What’s your Lockdown Groundhog Day moment? Mine is waking the teenager, who replies with ‘I’ll be up in a minute …’ <*ffwump*> his head hits pillow amd snoring instantly resumes. Repeat a couple of times every 10 minutes. After which he finally gets up and chastises me for letting him sleep late having not been able to recall being woken up 3 times already! 😂

I got a hug from him this morning. Nice gesture. He must really feel guilty.

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Hope y’all doing good today. Here’s to better times ahead.

My dear 15yo scratched the side of my car with his bike getting it out of the garage. Mojo has left the building for the week now

Been rewatching LOTR. Finally watched the extended edition DVDs we bought ages ago.. OMG LOTR:ROTK is long. I think i might sell them now

Just done my Sat morning ritual. Unsubscribe from the crap email lists I reappeared on this week

A long week this week. Think I lost my mojo Wednesday. Hoping to find it tomorrow.

Listening to Brazilian Funk on Spotify. Reminds me of the Wangaratta Jazz and Blues festival back in 2004. Rented a place with friends pre kids for a weekend. Epic memories. Saudades.

i don’t know how but he fell asleep without disconnecting the plethora of tubes. I only hope I hooked it up right

Youngest t kiddo is doing an at home sleep study. He looked like one of the Borg from ST:TNG. Poor thing.

Since moving back to Oz I restarted the mobile phonebook contents afresh. I’ve adopted The Handmaids Tale naming scheme. Such as “Keith (of Madeleine)”

Yay! Got ED sign off on my big piece of work. Bring on the next

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It shouldn’t have to happen to you for it to matter to you

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