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I should do a , since last time was on my old instance.

I’m GB. I’m a UX designer in Austin. I’ve been designing software/web products and services for ~20 years (I started early). I’m an advocate for inclusive design and , and I barely talk about work here, but always up for shop talk.

I’m cis he/him, but I love the shit out of all y’all. I’m a dad, hubby, and subject to the true rulers, our 2 cats. I’m into fancy tea, weird music, and you.

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hoa; landlord 

So my landlord texts about an hoa notice he got in the mail about the usual hoa fetish: waste bins out past the pickup day. I ask him when they cited and he says May 4. Mind you, this is just over a month since a tornado ripped up our hood. Houses still have boards over windows, most fences are still down, and these twerps are driving around to call out bins being out on the curb.

Landlord’s comment: “they really need to find a hobby or get a dog”

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Our project is funded by people like you, and we need about $130 USD for an Apple developer account and Google Play Store account to publish the :pixelfed: Live app (and eventually the main app!)

Will you help us reach that goal? The preferred donation method is our PayPal, but you can also donate via or

Boosts appreciated, and thank you for supporting us ❤️ #pixelfed #communityFunded

roe; health; privacy 

Basic: Roe overturn hurts women’s rights!
Better: Roe overturn hurts the rights of people with uteruses!
Best: Roe overturn hurts everyone’s rights, sets dangerous precedent that will likely affect all health decisions and data, previous human rights cases protecting BIPOC/LGBTQ+, and the right to privacy on the public stage (actual privacy from government agencies died 20+ years ago)

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Politics adjacent 

Seeing a lot of ppl posting about reproductive rights and bodily autonomy rn and many of y'all are continually saying women specifically
A) could you, like, not do that?
And B) if you're posting a quote or smthn that says it, could you please cw it as cissexism?
Seeing myself repeatedly referred to as a woman is rlly triggering and I'm experiencing more dysphoria than I have in years

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It looks like CA, OR, and WA are planning to enshrine abortion rights even harder, expand abortion access, create funds to help people seeking abortions both in state and out of state, refuse extradition of people who come to their states from red states seeking abortions or refuge for having had one, and more to help ensure access to abortions both in state and for people that need it from out of state.

#uspol #abortion

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Hey, so...if anybody local suddenly finds themselves with an urgent need to go camping in another state friendly towards camping, I know some good spots up in Colorado that I'll happily take you to, be supportive and never talk about that camping trip to any one ever.

I am so damn glad I started my anxiety meds when I did… the work week would have been enough for several attacks, and today… yeah we all know how today has been.

Became mildly interested in the Fairphone (esp paired with a de-googled android) only to find out it’s unavailable in the States.

I’m deep in the apple ecosystem, but a smartphone I can fix AND easily remove the battery from is very appealing, even if it just ended up being a phone for my kid eventually.

Music social posts mentioning new Mars Volta song, but all I can think about is how I used to hold a door open for Cedric Bixler, his kids, and their giant hair every now and then when picking up my kid from daycare. Small world. Giant hair.

Just realized something I never thought would happen… I can’t find a single thumb drive in my office. So naturally I just bought 5 new ones and the existing 10 should magically show up.

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@Stoori the New Roman Times, with such headlines as:
These 11 Moderate Plebians See a Rome That Others Don't
-- For its latest focus group, Times Opinion spoke with 11 middle-of-the-road peasants about culture war issues: Christianity, Gaul, and the senatorial class.

Are We Sure Rome Is Not At War In Asia?
-- If we have so far avoided calling it war, maybe that's only because we've become so uncertain of the meaning of the word.

Paganism Made a Faustian Bargain With Celebrity Culture. Now It's Paying the Price.
-- How did modern paganism lose Rome v. Jesus Christ of Nazareth? An answer lies in Constantine's Edict of Milan.

Health; meds 

Ah, so this is what they meant about “needing to push through the side effects” of taking anxiety meds. There goes the end of my three day weekend.

My work has its share of problematic aspects, but at least they gave us Juneteenth off before it was a federal holiday.

Hah, remember that time I decided I was learning Norwegian w/o learning anything about grammar and just using a vocab app?

Oh right, that was on birb site. Welp, it was still easier than brushing up on my german while maintain the delusion that I could get my family out of this hellscape of a country.

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COVID, rant 

Friend upon friend is going to concerts and conventions and whatnot, even supposedly leftist people, and I am so incredibly angry.

Reckless jerks like you are the reason I got #COVID. You're tired of wearing a mask? If you get #LongCOVID like I did, you'll be tired of breathing. Standing up will be painful. Cooking a meal will feel like running a marathon.

For once in your lives, THINK.

meds; mh; anxiety 

Nothing says you have debilitating anxiety like having anxiety about taking anxiety medication.

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