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I should do a , since last time was on my old instance.

I’m GB. I’m a UX designer in Austin. I’ve been designing software/web products and services for ~20 years (I started early). I’m an advocate for inclusive design and , and I barely talk about work here, but always up for shop talk.

I’m cis he/him, but I love the shit out of all y’all. I’m a dad, hubby, and subject to the true rulers, our 2 cats. I’m into fancy tea, weird music, and you.

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On the plus side, I got to pet an otter today. Here’s the handler playing with them after the petting session.



Had a shit day at work. Came home to care for my laid-up wife and my kid fell down the stairs (she’s okay). Opened Facebook to see pics from my 20yr reunion I can’t go to, and pics of my siblings having a nice evening with my father, whom I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years.

Fuck today.

So many layers of despair and frustration. A frustrating workplace is about to go even more apeshit stupid, and my plans to get away (from the employer and Austin) are not proving out so well.

In an effort to save money and not be such a wasteful human, I bought a safety razor (double edge razor blades). Now I feel like I need to learn how to shave my head all over again. 😳

How is it I’ve never seen the video for Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet until right now? And it’s… what the fuck is this? This is seriously what he went with for the video of his only hit?

I’m so excited for Mike’s book.

“Welcome to Silicon Valley. A libertarian stronghold at the very end of America. (Literally.) Silicon Valley, and specifically the venture capital firms of Silicon Valley, are mostly run by old white men who read Ayn Rand in high school, thought it was great, and never changed their minds. […] In the words of the late great Ann Richards, they were, ‘born on third base and think they hit a triple.’”

Kiddo is going to a new school next school year, so we went on a tour today, led by current students.

Let me tell you, if you want all the dirty details of a school, insist your tour be led by three 5th-grade girls. The sass was strong.

I really hate that apple news won’t just give me the WaPo url.

Oh my god we have plastic knives again! Crisis averted… except for the environment and shit.

Entering week two of our work cafeteria having no plastic knives, and I’m starting to wonder if they simply removed them because of some perceived risk of extremely ill-considered violence.

We all want Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism, but we’re just getting out by the skin of our teeth on the Roci and about to get fucked by the protomolecule.

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"Instead of 'a socialist in every office,' a much more interesting and urgent call-to-action would be a union in every workplace (and prison!). A tenant union in every apartment building. A student union in every school. A mass assembly in every working class neighborhood. These are the building blocks for winning victories now and the foundation for a future society beyond capitalism and the state."
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