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I have completed all 3 tasks that I have been avoiding. I do not feel especially rewarded.

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I am sympathetic to prison abolitionist arguments, and agree that prisons are racialised iniquitous systems, and would like to see the end of jails as a general/personal deterrent.


Ministers of Governments who act as corruptly as Macdonald/Obeid are beyond any kind of community solution, and must go to prison

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I have completed 2 of the 3 substantial adulting tasks I've been avoiding for weeks. The relief is palpable.

covid, vic 

The maybe lockdown leak to media means kids school is scrambling to try to help prep things in case kids can't come in tomorrow with basically no notice and sending lots of messages to parents who are also scrambling around school pickup time.
what a shitshow.

I have a headache and I am trying to cure it with chocolate. Panadol has not worked.

Just heard a Tango for 3 Bassoons on ABC classic FM and it was extremely fun.

v3.4.1 has a bunch of fancy new features.

Huh, I missed the release of v3.4.x so I think I'll update the instance today.

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My dentist just rang me to book a checkup. I've been meaning to book a checkup for ages (it's been like 18 months because pandemic) but kept forgetting and this has saved me so much hassle and angst.

I am having porridge for breakfast because my other half wanted to make some for the chickens because they looked cold.

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Kiwi translation guide

“Ah yeah”: I understand
“Yeah nah”: No
“Yeah nah yeah”: Yes
“Heaps”: A lot
“Sweet”: Good
“Sweet as”: I find this to be of satisfactory quality
“Sweet as bro”: I’m not super satisfied but I’ll allow it for now
“Choice”: Really good
“Choice as”: Exceptionally good
“Cool story bro”: You’re embarrassing yourself and you should stop talking
“Did you blow on the pie”: It’s been in the warmer all day, it’s nuclear
“Ghost chips”: You know I can’t grab them

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