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Some hiviz gronk is refusing to wear a mask at the medical clinic.

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Few yrs ago #Twitter was caught¹ exploiting their own users’ phone numbers for targeted ads. Now TWTR was #breached: The phone# & email addresses of 5.4 million TWTR pawns has been leaked² & sold. 1. 2.

Only the easy bit at the beginning and mostly the right hand, but still!

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Ooh I managed to play a bit of Claire de Lune by Debussy from memory!

Weird. Main lab NTP server fell out of sync and wasn’t finding valid peers. Fixed now.

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Wendy is my favourite Bluey character. Followed by Bingo.

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The new video game "Stray" features a cat as the playable character. It has spawned a subreddit of people's real life cats watching video games for the first time:

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