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🇦🇺pol, ABC 

This is starting to do the rounds. The ABC (Australia's BBC) will start sharing users' data with Facebook and Google. It's probably possible to get around using a browser extension, but still, it's the principle. A taxpayer funded service is sharing data with terrible corporations.

Updates to the ABC Privacy Policy, Privacy Collection Statement and Terms of Use – ABC Help - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Help Centre

Finally getting a bit of the rain we were expecting for the past couple of days.

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It’s all looking a lot nicer as it gets more finished.

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Planted the citrus trees in the ground today. Well, three of them.

There is a lot of derp on the Internet at the moment, huh?

Back home after a week away. Minimum of drama, unlike past two years, which was a welcome relief.

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Please wait until 2022 to read 

Hey, you made it through 2021! Sincere congratulations. That’s quite an achievement. Given how awful 2021 was, you might be able to count it among your best achievements for the year.

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I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

I have Christmassed so hard I have broken my belt.

When visiting parents, remember that the games cupboard is very different to the toys cupboard.

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