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I'm cooking chicken parmi for dinner. Jnr's fave.

Brief outage there caused by nbnco breaking something. Back online now!

mild whinge 

Half of Melbourne is out on the bike paths today because it is a marvellous day. But I could handle slightly fewer of them having conversations in groups of 7 while blocking the path.

The chickens did not eat their seed for dinner, or breakfast, because the shell grit we added was deemed suspicious.

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Another successful hunt!

I present the Southern Cassowary. Legendary prehistoric death bird (no really, they can kill you with their large toe).

This one however was just chilling on the beach watching the water.

A young boy was hovering around about 15m away as he wanted his bags back but wisely wasn’t getting any closer.

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife #SouthernCassowary

I am in the hammock with the sun (sometimes) on my face and this is bloody nice. A shame it's going to rain soon.

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