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I know the chicks I ordered today won't need this for a bit, but I had fun building their future home

There are 4 nests, so our two chickens are squabbling over who gets to use The Good Nest to lay an egg first.

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curl those funny IPv4 addresses - 127.1, 0177.1.1.1 and 16843009 are all now natively "understood" by curl


Have to print out a form and take it into a branch to get a change of authority on an account. Apparently.

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auspol shitposting 

@liamvhogan “why can’t government be run more like a business”

*monkey paw twitches*

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How to opt your site out of Google's new FLoC user tracking programme with OpenBSD's relayd(8):

(1) add this one-liner to any "http protocol" block(s) in /etc/relayd.conf, and

(2) restart relayd

> match response header set "Permissions-Policy" value "interest-cohort=()"

Afterward you should see this in the HTTP header response:

$ curl -sI | grep Permissions-Policy
Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()


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so Apple positions the internet as a collection of centralized services, each of which is required to have a content policy compliant with Apple's or else be removed without warning from the entire iOS platform, because unlike android you can't sideload


Quite the cavalcade of shitfuckery at the moment, eh?

Looks like wet day timetable today in Melbourne.

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The national bird of Kenya Lilac Breasted Roller, with 8 colours

birdsite, auspol, discourse 

Galloping fuckbags the auspol dribblers had a Very Online long weekend and just went totally bonkers, eh?

There is still a huge pile of stuff to do, though.

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In an unexpected turn of events, I managed to dive deep into Get Shit Done mode today and was at it for many hours and got a bunch of stuff done.

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Struggling to spin up to work speed today.

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