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Where the fuck has today gone? How is it 3:30pm already?

Nope. I think I am done with writing this whitepaper today.

The chickens have decided the paving sand is yummy.

I see Kamahl is in the news a bit and I just recalled that I think I did a community fair gig once in the early '90s with my little jazz group and Kamahl was the main act. He was just totally charming and a thoroughly lovely human.

Salt probably won't get to learn the trick, but she's easier to pick up anyway. Pepper would run away or dodge, so at least now I can get her off the lid of the box when I need to open it.

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Salt is only at the early stages of training, where she just steps onto my arm to get at some food, so I end up with two chickens on my arm, both trying to eat the seed at once while also not falling off and generally getting in each other's way.

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It's hard to train Salt to get on my arm, though, because Pepper is there and is *much* more food motivated than Salt.

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Salt was very good at knocking over the seed container and spilling seed all over the inside of the storage box, though.

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Pepper, our chicken, is now good at getting on my arm like a falcon when I make a hand signal.
Salt, the other chicken, is not.

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substack, baby substack / it's a little old place where / people blog newsletters

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Tired: get a blog
Wired: abandon blogging for relentless micro-blogging social media
Inspired: abandon evil social media companies, start a substack newsletter
Galaxy brain: get a blog

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Tired: starting a substack newsletter

Wired: installing mailman to run a listserv

A ring tail possum was clattering around on the laserlight at the back of our place. They are very cute, but I hope it isn't nesting in our roof.


I should not have watched that press conference.

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