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Was on Weekend Sunrise earlier today to talk about IoT device 'security'. Briefly. About 3 minutes all up, maybe.

lulz. Someone ran PagerMon and listened to Tasmania's unencrypted ambulance pager broadcasts and now naomi wolf thinks Australia is under cyber-attack.

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why do we have programming paradigms for "if"s and "and"s but not "but"s

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In light of Facebook's new requirement that 2 billion WhatsApp users share their data with the company or delete their accounts, it is even more important that court's closely consider the FTC's request that Facebook divest WhatsApp and other acquisitions.


Small* coup attempt happening over in the ol' US of A right at the moment, it appears.

Jnr has decided he quite likes Greek/Roman mythology as a result of a book he's been reading and wants to watch more movies like the 1997 Hercules from Disney.

Repairing the winerack section of the second-hand liquor cabinet I bought at auction a couple of decades ago.

Okay, missing dependency (Requires: not just After: is needed)
Rebooting to verify everything works properly now.

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Weird. systemd services are starting out of order? The VM instances are trying to start before the kernel driver is loaded.

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Quick instance host bounce coming up. Should be back in a sec.

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