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Completed a task that involved simply sending an email to someone with an attachment that I'd been putting off because I didn't do it immediately and felt guilty about not having done it… which made me put it off even longer.
Which is pretty stupid. Thanks, brain.
Done now, though!

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I hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus.

Jnr has decided he wants to learn how to write a game in Roblox.

The Fediverse is a nice place. Thanks everyone for helping to make it so. :mastolove:

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mh, (-) 

Sudden attack of nihilist ennui so some escapism is called for methinks.

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Australian Brush Turkey (mostly known as a Bush Turkey), on my veranda this morning.

I had the door cracked open to photograph birds on the feeder and this bold turkey made to go inside, but thought better of it when it saw me standing there.

#AustralianWildlife #bird #photo #nature #BrushTurkey #BushTurkey

Temporary Computer Confusion seems like it would be a more accurate error message a lot of the time.

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All I could do / was dang a dong ling my ding a long ling long

Doing night shift tonight for an event in US PST so I have to amuse myself for the next 3 hours.

Remote learning for a week before they physically go back. But still gives Jnr something to do all morning.

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About to indulge in what I today consider quite decadent behaviour: reading a book while enjoying a cup of tea, in bed.

I noticed a bunch of additional details and clever writing this time around. It's a well crafted film.

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Watched Back to the Future (part 1) for movie night last night. It holds up really well!

"Let the dead leave their graves and come to uphold their laws against the living who have repealed them." -- Camille Desmoulins
Such a great line.

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