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Expanse, maybe spoilers 

I do have an excuse to buy a reciprocating saw now, though. Handy against tree roots, zombies, and middle managers.

My lower back is very glad I am not a builder or plumber for a living.

I think I managed about 3 linear metres to a depth of about a foot. One spade blade wide. Tough going.

The drain is fucked and needs to be completely replaced. The fun* part of digging the trench is making my way through several decades of tree roots in the tight space behind the shed.

Spent the day digging a trench to try to get in to fix the old stormwater drain.

Said friend also needed a charging cable for their iPhone. I happen to have a gazillion cables from various conferences, so I found one.

Jnr has a friend over to play, so no work will be occurring for the next few hours.

Everything is terrible, so I am choosing to spend today unfucking a corner of my habitat.

I suppose one day I will miss the constant stream of noise that comes from my child at the moment.

Burgers and camembert were both on clearance special today, apparently, so I am now full of *urp* cheap fancy cheeseborger.

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It is raining here again and there are currently no emergency warnings in the entire state of Victoria.

Apparently it's this or the 75th run through of the Harry Potter audiobooks.

I love* hearing the same 12 songs all day long.

Another great* thing about school holidays is having commercial radio on because Jnr insists.


I see why it's called 'clucky' when chickens are broody. Big increase in clucking with our two layers who are both broody at the moment.




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