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G'night Fedifriends! I love you. Yes, even you who has a hard day and isn't feeling great about yourself. Tomorrow will be better, I promise.

Finally back online. Sorry about that folks! NBNco™©® broke the link in the street on Friday and only just got here to fix it.

Might upgrade instance code to v3 soonish. Any concerns?

Boomer lady impatiently rubs her MyKi on the reader likes it's a particularly stubborn clitoris. Lady, just relax and it'll happen.

Missed tram, so decided to get a takeaway coffee. Almost missed next tram.

Other half likes Have You Been Paying Attention for reasons that escape me. It seems to be cross-promo trivia and shit jokes from has-been comedians who couldn't move to the UK circuit.

There doesn't appear to be a :selfown: emoji in any of the instances we're federated with so far. This seems like a serious oversight.

Also saw a wild tawny frogmouth in a tree nearby. It was doing the usual "I am a branch" impression, but nice to know they're around.

Rewarded with bbq sausage in bread and an icy pole.

Successfully fought back the forces of entropy at my kids school working bee.

Back again, now with oodles of mirrored storage.

Okay, doing the storage upgrade now. Instance will be back in a bit.

Disk swap will happen tomorrow. There's a bunch of tedious hardware bolting stuff to do that I can't be arsed with tonight.

Okay, going to try the disk swap now. Back shortly.

Assuming my planning works correctly, it should just be a drop in replacement. Only with heaps more capacity.

Going to add some new storage to the instance host later today/tonight, so there'll be a brief outage to reboot.

Particularly nice after a bit of a shit week.

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