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Today was a pretty good day, overall.

Back at the gym after overseas travel and deloaded a bit, but 100kg squat is easy now. Progress!

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I just met a ringtail possum walking through Sydney Uni. It came up and sniffed my foot. What a good marsupial

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Hi! I made this goose emojo set for the fediverse to enjoy. :grape_heart:

:goose_silly: :goose_peek: :goose_hacker: :goose_flap:
:goose_side::goose::goose_scorn::goose_star: also has download packs in 200x200 and 500x500 sizes for use outside Fedi under a CC-BY-NC-SA license (or to ease addition to your emoji set). Attribution appreciated. Enjoy!

Though this will work in my favour next weekend when daylight saving kicks in.

Woke up at 4am so not quite resynchronised to the correct timezone.

I am currently eating a cookie because I just realised three cups of coffee probably doesn't count as food and I should eat today.

This app thing appears to be doing the bar weight conversions properly now, which helps a lot.

Doing better at the gym after the last weird session because everything is in pounds.

Off to The America again tomorrow. This time for almost two weeks.

There are butcher birds singing outside and it's quite nice.

Thinking about getting a run of stickers done with a couple of these designs. And maybe some of the AI Kitty just by itself.

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