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This drive for efficiency in lots of places, and centralisation is often more efficient, is a local optimisation that is not globally optimal, IMHO.
Partitioning is important for failure isolation, so the whole system isn't killed when one part gets sick.

There was still hella drama, of course, but it was more contained, like when we lose instances here because of *stuff*, the rest of things carries on.

Sysops were very trusted, and had a lot of power over their few people, but also, ironically, had less unaccountable power because they were less insulated from the people they looked after.

It was harder and slower to deliberately attack 100 separate BBS systems back then. And the sysops would take personal responsibility for their sites, and the users tended to know them.

It occurs to me that possibly part of the reason security controls weren't added to protocols is because of the decentralised nature of so much of the early networks.

Gotta say, the ability to rapidly deal with fuckwits on the Fediverse is supercool.

Podcasts are community and college radio, only now everyone can hear it.

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It's a massive nest, though. Must be heaps of room in it for chicks and mum+dad. I'll have to break out my SLR and the 300mm lens to see if I can get a decent photo of it.

The wind gave one crow a bit of trouble. It opened its beak to pick up another feather, and the big collection it had in its beak fell out, and it had to gather them all up again. Not too many got blown away. Poor thing.

Salt (the splash coloured one) is a bit scruffy lately, too. She's moulting, and the crows were back again today picking up the feathers in their beak for their nest. It'll be lovely and cosy and warm!

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And now I'm on leave for 2 weeks, so yay.

Much better work days yesterday and today. Client who really values my help always lifts my mood. Plus I was doing stuff I know I'm good at.

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