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being good with computers is just about being flustered while saying 'fuck' a lot in a way that signals no one should approach you, then googling it

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Trying to find tasks that will bring me joy today. It's been a tough week or so. Stupid brain.

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Quoth Jnr: "It's not my favourite, and I don't want it every night, but it's definitely edible."
So a solid 3 stars there.

Tonight we are having Mexican rice and beans.

Which makes it hard to read when Jnr is awake because all he listens to is audiobooks. Or the same 5 pop songs on heavy rotation.

I dislike audiobooks as background noise because I can't ignore it the way I can music. It keeps dragging my focus away from what I'm trying to read.

Now I am putting books back that he doesn't want to borrow, but doesn't remember where he got them from.

Apparently we're going to the library. There is a lot of rain on the way. Small people are not helping with getting there and back before we get rained on.

My wife made chocolate chip cookies and some sort of fig cake, so I guess I'm undoing all the good work at the gym this morning.

To avoid being cancelled, I shall simply cancel myself.
Checkmate, atheists!

If you want to understand the importance of constraints for creativity, ask people "what do you want for dinner?" and provide no further guidance.

Was voluntold into Nerf battle with Jnr and friend. I was vastly outnumbered.

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On the way down (it happened so fast, but also so slowly), I thought, "Are you kidding me? I know better than this." So here's a reminder for all of us: Ladders are dangerous--tall ones and short ones. Be careful and pay attention whenever you're on a ladder.

I'd love a nap, but Jnr has a friend over and my other half refuses to nap no matter how tired she is, so I guess I'll just have another coffee or 5.

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