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I see by my email that all the Americans are back at work.

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Gym has all new cardio gear. Treadmills, steppers, everything.
This explains why they didn't repair anything for months last year.

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Already bored of this being-back-at-work thing.

Yep. Ow. The gym is nice and quiet at this time, though. Looks like I've found the right routine to try to stick to.
For at least a month. :all_the_things: :notsimple: :oh_no_bubble: :yikes:

Attempting first gym session in… oh, 3 weeks?

Mr8 has become a massive fan of C&C Generals ZH. :awesome:

Being reminded why working from home during school holidays is a ghastly nightmare.

I just need better shelving and storage stuff for my office, but this catalogue for library shelving and display systems is very much My Areas today.

I have fallen into a library shelving rabbithole.

This was before I added a bunch of green veg. I can confirm it was indeed tasty.

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Be the Loose Change you want to see in the world

Boomer parent vory frustrated with smartphone that is doing exactly what they are telling it to do.

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when ya 'n the lads 'sgahn down for a cheeky maccas run at 'alf past four in ya thongs and budgie smugglers and you catch a geeze of a mint sheila

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“Good morning!” I pipe cheerily to the meme mongers at the docks.
“Hello! Good day!” I sing to the Lewders as they fuss to set up shop early in the morning.
“Oh hi and hello” I call to the discoursers, buzzing like bees. They pause for just a moment to wave before they’re are back at it.
“How do you do!” I say, swinging through the admin’s shop and picking up a loaf of bread. She shakes her fist “read the instance rules!” But a smile is playing on her lips.
It is another Masto morning ☀️

My folks are trolling the "your internet is about to be disconnected!" scammers. 😂

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