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I've always maintained that if nothing is on fire it's a picnic not a protest.

Sorry Dr @trent but apparently I need doxycycline. I promise to take all of them.

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Chrissy is just ridiculous. I mean, look at that tongue! #burmeselyf

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did you know all LIFX lightbulbs have the same 6LoWPAN encryption key? did you know due to the way the bulbs proxy-ndping into the wireless network that an attacker can join the 6LoWPAN mesh and bypass WPA2 etc?

Did what's-their-name get their wound cube yet?

I've been busy doing some light capitalism Fedifriends. What's been happening in the 'verse?

The America is terrible in a variety of ways, but my soul has been replenished in the company of some of my favourite humans this week. Thank you, everyone.

Validation from fellow cogs feels nice, though.

I have had very little to do with it, though. I have been a small cog in a much bigger machine.

I have had a couple of days of people saying I don't suck at what I do, which has been a much needed boost, I gotta say.

Shaq is about as good at being a DJ as Jordan was at baseball. I.e. Fairly average but able to get paid $$$ to be fairly average.

Automangle turned that into Slavs of Inanimate Meat which is honestly a pretty excellent band name.

And these mammoth nerds can't even do that right. There are huge bangin' house tunes playing and they're standing there like slabs of inanimate meat because someone famous several decades ago hasn't said it's okay to dance yet.

I am at a VC funded technology company conference party, which is an excuse to set large piles of someone else's money on fire in order to get heroicly messed up.

There are some perfectly good house tunes playing and no one is dancing. I know it's early, but come on.

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