@bestthingsbot A quiet, dark house with the sound of gentle rain on the roof.

The biggest thing I miss, being a partnered parent, is quiet time to read a book for fun.

The rain is here, making a gentle sound on the roof and the house is quiet and I have a nice book. Just what I needed, it turns out.

@Tarale This looks amazing. It's been great seeing you work on it.

I think I have found somewhere useful to put my anger and despair.

@martintheg Our builder gave us a quote pretty fast. We've already been sorting out a garage, though. Dunno how fast his skylight folk can do the thing though.

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@Andrea @mike I shall call it Justin's Inconceivable Mantra.

@Andrea @mike As I get older, I am more and more a fan of making things that require a shared understanding explicit and visible to all.

@mike ✅ Is this a system?
✅ Does it need to be administered?

@koosli @wobin @liamvhogan @MattHatton I didn't. Applied once, but they wanted me to do more hours than I wanted to do, so nah.

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@liamvhogan One engineer is optimising for reputation and the other is optimising for cost. Write an equation that will give one result that is a real number (8 points)

Describe the ideal email for expressing this equation (2 bonus points)

@MattHatton @emmadavidson We should augment them with a line of fashionable tinfoil hat/particle filter masks. Now with magnets!

@MattHatton @emmadavidson But the 5G emitted by light rail virtue signals will give my cat wind turbine syndrome!

@koosli I know this terrible website with no shortage of opportunities for interpersonal conflict.

@MattHatton it was Greens party arsonists trying to pave the way for politically correct UN fast rail.

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