Brain helpfully* woke me up at 2am to worry about things, so that's put an interesting spin on the day. I think I fell asleep again sometime after 3… for a 5:30am alarm.

@pelagikat Tag yourself, I'm Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

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Current status: hating past me for allowing clients to select a 6am meeting slot.


@liamvhogan I'm not knowledgeable enough about axiomatic philosophy questions like that, but "there is a secret cabal of child molesters underneath the Reno Mall Pizza Hut" isn't the same kind of question.


@liamvhogan "Is it possible to falsify, and doing so means you'll change your mind?" If not, cult.

@hafnia If this means we can have cool napping team outfits so I am very here for this.

Gradually getting the back yard tidied up after the garage construction turned it into a swamp full of debris.

@hafnia Solid opportunity to demand fealty from your new minion.

Melb lockdown 

@matt There is a glimmer, yes. Provided the noisy dickheads don't fuck it up for the rest of us and make us lock down again. I'd like Jnr to be able to go to school and be with his friends all next term.

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@Funkpirata @mike Thingdoing can be nice if the thing is good. Placegoing is mostly terrible, though. The people who enjoy placegoing for thingdoing can come to the place where I am and do the thing here. And then go away.

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