Most of that is lights, solar panel, and battery, though.

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Ultimately this is looking like about $200 worth of gear if I go the "assemble from pre-fabbed bits" approach. Including bulk buy of stuff like cabling that I'll use in other things.

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Hmm. The battery seems to be the trickiest part here. Looks like the cheap/utility tradeoff option is a sealed lead-acid battery of some kind, but I will have to maths to figure out the right amp rating for charge/discharge and match it to a small solar panel.

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This thing should be pretty simple, but I likely need a charging regulator for the battery/solar interface that might involve circuit building.

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All my elec eng circuit design skills have atrophied from lack of use. I hope it doesn't take me too long to re-learn how circuit stuff works.

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@emmadavidson @geordie @mil Also provides robust evidence demonstrating that "AirBnB has no effect on rental prices/availability" was wrong/lies.

I think I will build a solar/battery powered LED strip lighting setup for the shed.

@screenbeard Ours stopped playing that game in the lemongrass and now compete for who gets The Good Nest™ despite there being two other perfectly good nests.

If you have kept chooks and have good design ideas for, e.g. easy-to-clean, easy-to-access nesting box areas, perching areas, etc. I would like to hear them.

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There are plans afoot to build a new chook house using the amazing amount of offcut timber and whatnot from the garage. It will be a palace compared to the current chook house.

@ThermiteBeGiants @liamvhogan I had more than a couple of arguments with fellow students about why their proposals were sociopathic.

@ThermiteBeGiants @liamvhogan It particularly shits me as a person with an MBA. The shittiness is there in the people already. They just cherry pick some of the stuff you learn in an MBA to justify what they already want to do to people, and carefully ignore the stuff that explains why its fucking stupid to do that.

@liamvhogan Then again, I have participated* in this process more than once, as an investor as well as unsecured creditor/employee, so I have OPINIONS about shithouse management leading to business failure.

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@liamvhogan Not to mention the administrators getting to insert themselves as a favoured party and taking a big chunk of the residual assets as part of the process.

#SysadminLife, Telstra 

The alleged NBN outage doesn't seem to have eventuated. So far.

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