Apparently it hasn't been put back together properly, though details on what is awry are… scant.

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2 of 3 bike maintenance tasks requested by other half are complete. On to the headset/stem adjustments.

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AirTags are marketed as a great way to track your luggage or your keys. Unfortunately, they don't have nearly enough protections to stop them from tracking people—enabling abuse and more on a massive scale.

Apparently I got off the couch wrong last night and twinged a muscle in my hip so now I'm limping.

@liamvhogan Sonar, conn. Verify range to target. One ping only please.

The deciduous chicken is looking very safe and scruffy today. She's lost bearly all her feathers under her wings and most of her tail. You can see the new pin feathers coming through. She's like a scruffy hedgehog.

@Funkpirata maybe. It didn't seem to be sure which way it wanted to go after I took the video and left it alone for an hour. Someone advised me to put it in a tree, so I did. Initially didn't want to intervene and make things worse. Hope I did the right thing.

I put it back in the tree. It grabbed on and was climbing happily when I left it and I couldn't see it later tonight. I hope it's okay.

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It's been hanging out in our side lemon myrtle trees for ages, but today my partner found it just on the bricks outside the back door. Dunno if it got dropped there by a bird or if it walked there itself. It's a fair way to have hauled itself, though. 10-15m easily.

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The 2 tail feathers are very funny when she wags her tail though.

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The deciduous chicken is shedding hard. She has 2 tail feathers left and is looking very scruffy and scrawny. Poor thing.

Heater has gone on for first day of the season.

Just got a promo email for gin from Uncle Dan's and it has really made me question my work schedule for today and tomorrow.

Our deciduous chicken is shedding feathers again.

I am a productivity machine so far this morning. I dunno what's gotten into me, but I hope I can keep this up for a while and get a bunch of stuff off my todo list before I have a couple of days leave next week.

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