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There are babby crows in the nest in our oak tree. We can hear them getting fed.

Used a nasal spray on my clogged nose, and now it's running and I have to blow it a lot. This is not the level of progress I was looking for.

Now if this cold can just go away before I have to get on the plane…

Business class upgrade came through! :awesome: :party_parrot: :toot:

I have successfully introduced Jnr to the wiles and cunning of Lord Vetinari.

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Today at work I have been told to flush a load of toilets to test them all. Finally, I've been training my whole life for this

@Tarale @tqft Yes, they are primary disease vectors alright.

I accidentally left my alarm set fo 1/2 hour earlier than it needed to be. :facepalm:

@tqft @Tarale An advantage of working from home most of the time. A disadvantage of having a primary school aged kid.

@Tarale Likewise! I had a cold a couple of weeks ago already, so I really don't need another one so soon.

Ugh. I fear the lurgi has me in its grasp. Early bed for me.
Never give up. Never surrender!

@futzle @bestthingsbot @mike nice! We're overdue for a new bed. Was budgeted for when we moved in… almost 9 years ago. 🙃

I should clarify that I am craving sugary desserts. I suppose my chest is also, technically, but all of me is.

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