@geordie All the hugs, Geordie. That's a tough day. We love you. 🤗

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@ozguvnor Yeah. There are often some light free weights and a bench, so I'll be able to do something. Assuming I can get my arse to the hotel gym in the first place. 🤣

I was disappointed to learn that Australian magpies are not corvids. They're butcherbirds.

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I'm unclear on what I'll do when I next travel, because hotel gyms tend not to have the right equipment for what I want to do. I'll have to figure out an alternative maintenance thingo I guess.

Did day 2 of my New Regime weights thing on time.

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@ozguvnor I've been semi-regular for a while, but i'm trying to get into a more regular routine. Not sure what I'll do when travelling if the hotel gym is understocked. Maintenance with light weight, I guess

Next door neighbour just brought around freshly baked hot cross buns. :airhorn: :awesome: :verified:

@Mainebot @Posty @Gargron Indeed. Most people won't even open the email.
I should have spent more time describing all the things I liked rather than summarising as "pretty great" before mentioning something I personally found less great.
I'll leave you to it.

@Posty @Gargron @Mainebot Okay, but Mastodon was innovative a year ago, and I stopped using it, so why does 'innovation' bring me back?
It's not a fatal flaw or anything, I just get endless press releases with 'innovation' in the headline and it's just *everywhere*.

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@Gargron @Mainebot Pretty great! I'd drop the word 'innovative' from the description of the account management system.
The word is overused, so people don't believe you and tune it out.
Worse, it's often used by techbros to justify some horrible thing they've done "But it's innovative!".
Why would people care that it's innovative? Highlight that benefit instead.

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