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Went out behind the barn this morning, to find our barn-cat Mouse, stretched out on an old power pole, enjoying the morning.

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Which is more important?

@pelagikat They can fuck off back to gab or 8chan or whatever pathetic rock they live under.

@pelagikat Sorry about the nuisances earlier. They should be gone now.

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Wife: If we ever get a cellar, can we call it 'V'?
Me: Why?
Wife: Then it would be c'est la vie. :partyparrot:
Me: …

@Andrea @geordie @drbuttocks I don't have time for the hobbies I already have. I don't need knew ones. [I don't need a new hobby] ((seriously, no))

@geordie @drbuttocks I am not buying a 3D printer [I am not buying a 3D printer] ((i am not buying a 3d printer))

@Quokka Yowtch. That sux majorly. Shingles is awful.

@tqft It's more likely just accumulated gunk from decades of zero maintenance. That's what it was for the other one I managed to get off.

One of the tap cover things defeated me. It has become glued on and will take something more substantial to shift it.

I have done a day of household dad chores. Various small bits of maintenance, but they add up. Bath tap washers haven't been changed in a few decades, going by the gunk buildup.

@koosli Huh. That certainly is a thing right there.

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