@geordie "A bag of candy canes, absolutely. Have you been good this year?"

@tk But there isn't a central hugely overfunded central exploitative entity that wants to IPO!

Some Venture Capitalist types of my acquaintance told me they knew that Mastodon exists tonight. They laughed and they're not here, but they are aware it is a thing.

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police love when you refer to their uniform as a costume

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*opens mastodon*
Greetings, conversations, people arranging to play computer games, an un-CWd explicit photo of a girl in a school uniform holding her dick, this is all about normal.

Flight delay. Today has been a long day already.

Jane Kennedy! That's been driving me mad for half an hour.

@drbuttocks So long as you don't link to your Fediverse account, you'll be fine.

It is amazing what you overhear in airport lounges at times.

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#introductions Hello! I'm nikki (she/her). I'm relatively new to RPGs (only played the past year) but I love it (& the pretty dice) and am excited to be part of a community of others who enjoy RPGs and storytelling

@healyn @binchicken Bees have teeth. We'll tooth. One. In its arse.

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