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@adz Same. I'm mostly good at avoiding this situation now, but occasionally one slips through.


@TechnicalKO @pelagikat Aha. Alas all I have in the house is gin. And wine.

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I will be making is very clear that I will not be doing this for them again unless there are large changes, like paying the fee I would normally charge.

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Job for client ended up being massively more scope than what I quoted on and was lead to believe would be needed given the price offered. Scope creep out the wazoo.


@pelagikat Which antihistamines should I take to protect me from the zoom meetings pollen?

I'm only using Win10 because GoToMeeting. Everything with a Linux client works with the OBS stream just fine. Even Teams. Teams FFS!

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I cannot get Windows 10 in a VirtualBox VM to properly display a passthrough webcam coming from the linux host as an OBS stream to a v4l2loopback video device.
I'll have to use the actual webcam like some sort of cave person.

@emmadavidson I'm trying hard not to picture the other one. I really like Tiramisu and don't want to ruin it.

@emmadavidson This appears to have been a solely verbal enterprise.

My family is inventing new Pokemon, and have come up with 'Tiramisewage' and 'Sneezachu'

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@GoatsLive We usually have one living in the front screen door, and another in the back toilet, plus plenty in the garden. I quite like them.

@matt Splatoon 2 appears to be the sole argument put forward thus far.

Apparently this carrot cake is under-cooked, so I am sacrificing myself for the greater good and destroying the evidence that it ever existed.

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Jnr has begun a hamfisted campaign to get me to buy a Nintendo Switch.

Trying to protect the strawberries from the chickens.

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