@martintheg @geordie @bcshort Counterpoint: "I've never met a black person" doesn't mean they don't exist. It turns out a combination of theory and experience is quite useful.

Boomer lady impatiently rubs her MyKi on the reader likes it's a particularly stubborn clitoris. Lady, just relax and it'll happen.

Missed tram, so decided to get a takeaway coffee. Almost missed next tram.

@ozguvnor I've gotta figure out a good way to have this server be encrypted at rest. Some sort of network-based key vault or something, so it can still reboot when I'm not here to type in a password.

Other half likes Have You Been Paying Attention for reasons that escape me. It seems to be cross-promo trivia and shit jokes from has-been comedians who couldn't move to the UK circuit.

There doesn't appear to be a :selfown: emoji in any of the instances we're federated with so far. This seems like a serious oversight.

@pelagikat I need to import one, since we don't have one. Yet.

@geordie @bcshort General Management Admission Test. It's like a mature entry HSC/TER test thing to see if you have the basic background in maths and English needed. Done like a tech cert exam at one of those testing centre places.

@geordie @bcshort I did GMAT to get into MBA because I bailed on my undergrad Comp Systems Eng degree in the last year. Too much money in consulting to keep studying part time on something I wasn't using in my work and likely wouldn't.

@popefucker That's fair. A gentle recovery walk is a good effort.

@popefucker They'll feel less sore once you get moving. Weird, but true.

@ozguvnor I just swapped 2 fairly old 400gb drives (concat to 800gb) for 2x2TB drives, now mirrored with ZFS. Mastodon's media directory now has a modicum of data protection.

@koosli Ah, okay. I'm used to seeing graphics of some kind, so wondered if it was a broken embed.
Text and navigation is loading fine. A little slow initially but it's all cached now.

@koosli none of the graphics seem to be coming through for me?

Also saw a wild tawny frogmouth in a tree nearby. It was doing the usual "I am a branch" impression, but nice to know they're around.

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