@emmadavidson It is quite nice today, yes. Rain ahead for the week, I believe, so enjoying it while it lasts.

I fell out of the habit of saying good morning. I reckon I should revive it.

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Trans Issues 

@purserj @shlee lol. They also clearly haven't read his books.

Packing Jnr for camp and I am reminded of how long it's been since I went camping.

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Fun fact: when a chicken sneezes it sounds like a tiny trumpet.

auspol, shitposting 

@cefiar I need a little silhouette of the Parliament House flagpole as the icon in the middle. :awesome:

@virtualwolf Oh you're in for a treat! It's very fun, once you get over the early hurdle of sticking technique and getting your feet to work separately to your arms.
That kit is the sort of thing I drooled over as an unattainable luxury when I was in high school.

@virtualwolf Ooh! That looks really interesting. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.
My ancient drumkit is in a cupboard. Jnr had only a fleeting interest in it a couple of years ago.

auspol, shitposting 

I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, overall. And I learned a couple of new techniques with Inkscape.

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@smallsees Your parcel got put on the wrong truck and is now enjoying a holiday cruise to Venezuela.

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