I have too much to do, and want to just take a week off to do nothing but play video games and read.

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@drbuttocks no, just regular dumplings, not soup dumplings.
They're honestly not that good, just ones from the shop at the end of the road, but he loved them.

Introduced Jnr to Shanghainese style dumplings and they are "the best thing ever" so that's nice.

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@tcit They call it "Medium" because the articles are neither rare nor well done.

@tqft I managed to fix both things with minimal effort, happily.

Somehow a filesystem wasn't properly mounted, so I had to fix it with stuff from backups. And my laptop might not be charging its battery properly.
No, I didn't have anything else to do today. Thanks, technology!

@Ysandir If you have to have a difficult conversation with that person, they'll be better at it than you because they've had more practice.

@BernieTB That is quite a lot of excitement for one evening.

I have filed a bunch of stuff that was sitting in the vertical file thingo on my desk. Most of it should have been filed aaaaaages ago and it is much less cluttered there now.

@trent I did the calcs for last year, and it turns out I'm spending just as much time commuting as if I had a desk in the city and went in each day. I just batch it up and do all of it in one long chunk on an airplane every month-ish.

@ben_hr Getting in early on that "piss on his grave" action.

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Some Asshole: The only reason someone will ever be nice is if it benefits them somehow

Humans: I'm gonna bring this plant home, and name him Greg, and water him every day. I love you Greg.

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