@GoatsLive That's the feeling I remember, and checking a couple of trailery extract things that's the vibe I got again. Yay!

@GoatsLive That's what it was called! I had this vague memory of a scifi movie with this energy sphere thing that was generated by a computer in it. This is it! I loved this movie at the time. I hope it stands up okay.

Probably, because it was just floating inside the tank when I had a look, and it's the only think I can think of that would cause the problem. No idea how long it's been like that. I just happened to be outside when it started proper raining last night and decided to investigate the little creek of flowing water.

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Water tank was overflowing in the big rain last night and causing a small creek to flow into the ditch moat, instead of draining into the stormwater like it was supposed to.
Seems the circular piece of plastic that was cut into the tank when it was installed just *happened* to float up and lodge itself in the pipe somehow.

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I think I just diagnosed and fixed a plumbing problem.

@cefiar I've never used it before. Is is necessary and/or good to use?

@cefiar I am not aware of what food grade mineral oil is, so I doubt we have any.

Some new chopping boards for onions and garlic and other smelly stuff. Made out of old chopping board someone threw out, cut in half.

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to the dude leaving the convenience store who took one look at my bad dragon tank top and instantly blushed so i hard i could see it through his maw with fangs face mask: hello

uspol, covid, etc. 

Fresh pasta is just so great, but it does use a lot of eggs and our little girls can only do so much.

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@emmadavidson it was so good! And I have more dough waiting to be rolled out in the fridge in coming days.

I will probably tune the recipe to suit family tastes but I have new flavour profiles and techniques to use now, so huge win.

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@twiddlekins one assumes the Italians know how to build it.

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