It seems my talk proposal for has been accepted. :oh_no: :awesome:

Fiddling with some proxy settings to fix a cert renewal problem, so there might be some instability on the instance this morning.

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Devices should moan when you plug things in to them. Just putting it out there.

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I am working in US PST this next few days. That's why I'm awake now.

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JP boosted and adjacent instance folks, say hello to my friend and work colleague @jokeyrhyme who's just migrated here from!

Dammit I want to play Mass Effect but I have to do a work conferencey thing.

@pelagikat @aussocialadmin I did these last night but forgot to say because I'm working in 2 different timezones this week.

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re: big tech co 

@liamvhogan M1 Pro Max Extreme Mini v3 final MkII complete FINAL_FINAL2 (1).docx

Any GIS boffins want to talk to a journo about Google mobility data?

@pelagikat Yeah it gets beborkened when I enable IPv6 in the external DNS for the site for some reason. I'll have to test with another dev site to figure out why.

@leigh Yeah, I think I have IPv4 things internally as well, like the printer wifi, so dual stack will need to remain for a bit.

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