@daedalus good morning! I’m already at work and making my to do list for the day.

@emmadavidson Morning! I have already written a letter to the Commonwealth A-G and agreed to be on ABC Radio at 9-ish.
Also I have debugged a broken website and am attempting to fix Fortnite for a small person.

@daedalus oooh! A-G letter about the Ombudsman’s report? I have some feelings about that and I’m gonna tell my A-G about them as soon as he gets in to the office today…

@emmadavidson Yes. I am currently getting it ready for the EFA blog so it'll be public soonish.

@daedalus @emmadavidson please stop making the rest of us look bad. I'm still riding the high from getting my shoes on the correct feet first go.

@mike @emmadavidson It won't last. I will crash shortly and do nothing but bathe in ennui and frustration for the rest of the day.

@mike @daedalus if it makes you feel better, I’ve not organised myself properly for morning tea this morning and it’s someone’s last day at the office

@daedalus morning.

2 things of my mega list so far.

About to do the most important: make curry

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