There are a lot of underwear ads on tv at this time of night eh?

@daedalus On my Apple TV I notice there are lots of ads aimed at children at around 3 am. Where’s the sense in that?

@peemee Apple gets to bill people for inventory they couldn’t sell otherwise? You’re assuming the advertiser has control over when their ads get shown.

@daedalus Something is out of whack, I do not see child-aimed adverts much after 9am. It’s odd that they are shown around 3 am.

@peemee I'd guess that it's naive media buyers not telling Apple to only show the ads in the (more expensive) timeslots when kids are actually likely to be watching things. Or media buyers actively defrauding their clients who trusted them to put the ads in front of kids. There's a lot of fraud. Like, a *lot*.

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