I'm daedalus. I run which is based in Australia where I live. We accept new members via application to keep the signal high and noise floor low.
I'm into systems thinking/cybernetics, organisational design, digital rights, Freedom of Information requests, and shitposting about tech.

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@daedalus This is a bit ridiculous since you're my admin, but it's good to know you're interested in systems thinking. Half my thesis concerns systems.

@pelagikat Ace! Turns out I think this way by default and I never knew what it was called. Now working my way through The Literature, currently reading Seeing Like A State.

@daedalus Wait til you find out about system dynamics models.

@pelagikat I'm aware of them, I just don't feel I know enough about them. I'm only about halfway through Beer's recorded lectures.

@daedalus I have a whole thesis chapter about designing one and I still feel like I don't know enough about them.

@daedalus @pelagikat ditto!

Not reading the literature though, following the example and just trying to improve the systems :P

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