Last night I managed to wrangle LaTeX into doing pretty much what I wanted it to do. Still a few bugs to work out.

@daedalus Have you ever tried LyX? I used to use it a lot. Made LaTeX stuff much easier as it did almost everything for me. Just had to insert occasional lines of code.

@adz A long time ago. I'm tweaking the default pandoc latex template, though quite a bit.

@adz It's for using Markdown as my primary writing source which I then send out to different formats (PDF and HTML for the most part).

@daedalus Creating templates is a pain basically always. 1000 iterations later you keep telling yourself that you're just front-loading the work. It does turn out to be true sometimes.


@adz I'm just trying to copy an existing PDF template from InDesign (and Scribus) so I don't have to manually process the text for whitepapers any more.

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