@pelagikat No, apparently not. I plan to go enjoy it a bit while it lasts.

@ozguvnor It has yet to materialise, which is annoying, as I packed up and came inside expecting the rain to begin any moment.

@daedalus @ozguvnor I went out to do a quick mow in the backyard, which continued to the front yard, and then I whipper-snipped and somehow it's now 2pm? I didn't expect the weather to hold out.

@pelagikat @ozguvnor I keep looking at BOM rain radar and nothing. Nothing at all.

@pelagikat @ozguvnor But no rain *anywhere*? Like, at all? Are we sure the radar is working properly?

@daedalus @ozguvnor There were some very tiny drops when I first went into the garden so it tried.

@daedalus @pelagikat @ozguvnor We had a shower go over in City of Monash just a few minutes ago.

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