We have purchased a new microwave to replace the old one that broke. It feels very decadent.


We were using an old one from my in-laws but it sucked so I'm glad to be rid of it. Some silly dial to put in a time instead of a numeric keypad. Do not want.

I have also taken to pronouncing it like Nigella did once: mee-kro-wah-vay

@daedalus We bought an expensive Panasonic inverter microwave some years back. No turntable and it heats really well. The myriad of buttons are all kind of pointless if you know what power and how long. It makes such a difference to defrost/reheat when the microwave puts out 30%, not just runs at 100% for 30% of the time

@ozguvnor I looked at the no turntable one, but it lacked the keypad for specific times we wanted, from memory. Otherwise I would have got it.
I'm still getting used to the lower power output defrost thing instead of the duty cycle of the old microwave.

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