Salt, the chicken, needs to lay an egg. I know this because she is squawking a lot.


She has now laid her egg, and announced it to the neighbourhood.

@daedalus We had a cat who would announce that he had used the litter box.

@daedalus No, once we told him he was a good boy he stopped.

Which was fine until he went deaf. He meowed a lot when he lost his hearing.

@daedalus I remember when we renovated the kitchen and I had the jackhammer running, removing stubborn ceramic tiles from the floor. He was oblivious to it and just ambled past, meowing. If you imagine that Star Wars scene where Artoo is trundling through the Rebel/Storm Trooper crossfire, just like that.

@daedalus Here’s the cat in question (Fudge, on the right). He was 13 years old here in this image, but looked like a kitten all his life.

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