Pepper, our chicken, is now good at getting on my arm like a falcon when I make a hand signal.
Salt, the other chicken, is not.


Salt was very good at knocking over the seed container and spilling seed all over the inside of the storage box, though.

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It's hard to train Salt to get on my arm, though, because Pepper is there and is *much* more food motivated than Salt.

Salt is only at the early stages of training, where she just steps onto my arm to get at some food, so I end up with two chickens on my arm, both trying to eat the seed at once while also not falling off and generally getting in each other's way.

Salt probably won't get to learn the trick, but she's easier to pick up anyway. Pepper would run away or dodge, so at least now I can get her off the lid of the box when I need to open it.

@daedalus I used to have to Sussex Rex chickens; Thelma and Louise.

They’d roam around the garden freely during the day and if I went outside and called them, they’d come running over in the funny way which they do.

Both were curious/greedy and would willingly jump up onto your lap for some light betting.

Chickens make great pets.

@alan Ours aren't fond of pats but they do follow you around the yard. And they love to help dig or move bricks or anything that might uncover some tasty worms or bugs.

@alan Oh and they're Langshans. We did have some silky bantams (died of old age) but these are more curious and entertaining.

@alan Oh yeah, they love to steal worms out of each other's beaks and chase each other around when they find something tasty they can't eat all at once.

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