I'm stuck in an existential black hole. I have a birthday in a few days and it's leading me to assess things. I have to do assignments for a degree I hate, am not interested in and don't want to finish. Trying to find something to do instead. The world feels hostile. Seriously considering giving up, getting Indian takeaway and playing video games in bed. Much better idea.

@Funkpirata Sometimes giving yourself a bit of space to just be and feel the feelings can be a good first step to figuring out how to tackle the challenges ahead.
Be kind to yourself.

@Funkpirata @daedalus Indian takeaway and video games in bed sounds like my ideal birthday celebration. I normally eat Indian for my birthday anyway because it’s also Independence Day for India, and it’s my favourite kind of food.

Oh Indian food is fantastic. I listen to Nina Simone cause we share a birthday :-). Maybe that's what I'll do then. Unfortunately there are these people who apparently love me who inconveniently insist on doing some kind of activity on the day so may need to leave bed :-/. I was planning to veg out today but then I got a call from a lecturer informing me that the major assignment I haven't started and haven't studied for was in fact due yesterday. #Lifefail

Oh shit again? Bet everyone is really happy about that :-/

@Funkpirata It's not ideal, but we don't want lots of people getting sick either.

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