Enjoying* the passive question-as-request-or-statement format for everything from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

My father-in-law has discovered a newfound love for Barry Morgan's World of Organs covers of various Xmas songs, or something. My mother-in-law loathes it but refuses to change the music to something else because she apparently enjoys complaining about it too much.

@daedalus Sounds like you're having a ball over there!

@matt family traditions are important at this time of year

@daedalus I live with someone who does that (picked up from her mother, I think) and it can be a wee bit annoying.

@grumpysmiffy Yeah it's where my other half learnt it. My mum tends to do it as well. It's really ambiguous at times and leads to miscommunication.

@daedalus Dealing with people speaking English from a long office countries and cultures, including English as a second (or more) language - important generally pretty cool with linguistic quirks. This one, however, I truly hate.

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