Desktop upgrade to 20.04 is working, mostly. gdm3 is still fubar so I'm sticking with lightdm. All the sound works flawlessly!

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My problem seems to be Zoom no longer picking up the virtual video interface out of OBS.

Fixed it! The default v4l2loopback driver is borkened in 20.04. Grabbed the latest code from the GitHub repo, compiled, installed. Works again now.

Weird choppy video problem that I eventually tracked to indicator-multiload which appears to have a performance problem

Was showing up as a periodic freeze in the video every 1 second. It looked like dropped frames, but seems to be the loop in multiload-indicator doing a sweep of whatever it monitors every second (and updating its display) in a really inefficient way.

Video is smooth again, outputs to Zoom via OBS, so all my stuff is working at the standard I need on 20.04.
Not bad!

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