Today's comedy writing exercise was "comic character and exaggeration" so here are ones that made me giggle today:

A typist invents a nose-based typing machine that also requires knees to operate for some reason, so they end up creating a knee-multiplexer prosthesis thing, but they're all shaped like noses.

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A history teacher is obsessed with 1508-1514 Spain and turns every history lesson into being about this time and place. They insist on using era-appropriate Spanish to do so. They can't actually speak Spanish.

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A farmer grows prize-winning, massive zucchinis, but his chickens keep getting into the veggie patch and their presence makes the zucchinis end up shaped like genitals. He doesn't notice and enters them in competitions anyway.

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A fitness freak is so fit she makes everyone in the same room as her fitter just by being there, so no one else needs to exercise and doesn't understand her obsession.

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So that made me chuckle a bit and brightened my morning. Hope your week goes okay today Fedifriends.

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