I am trying a new thing: I want to get better at comedy, mostly as a way of coping with *gestures broadly* all of this. I feel I've lost my sense of humour a lot in dealing with and also just stress and life and all the things.
I want to get it back, and I found something that I think might help.

I found this book called The Comic Toolbox which has these exercises and practice of elements of comedy. I'm quite analytical, so I like knowing the rules of how stuff works so I can figure out how to do a better job when my attempts don't work.

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A lot of advice seemed to boil down to "just watch/read a lot and practice and eventually magic will occur" which is not very useful advice. Practicing a skill is good, yes, but practicing the wrong things is counterproductive.
And also super-frustrating, and that tends to make you give up when it keeps being hard and you keep failing.

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Anyhow, long-winded way of saying I'm going to try to do a simple little exercise every day. I did one yesterday, and again today, and I made myself laugh which made me feel better, so if nothing else it's good for that.

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And I figured I'd try to share some of it, partly to get into the habit of it through public accountability from you lot, and partly because maybe you'll find it funny too and it'll brighten your day a bit.

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I also need to resist the urge to write ComedyBot (like @bestthingsbot) that will prompt me to do this daily because I have other stuff I should do today.

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