Someone emailed me about how they managed to get OBS Studio working as a Zoom camera input using the hints in a blog I did, and the comments from others.
Like back in the big days of blogs.
Feels pretty great.

@daedalus I have that blog open because I need to reinstall the obs loopback plugin.


@tqft Apparently there is now an unofficial snap that has the plugin pre-built. If you use snapd.

@daedalus ended up from git for a current version of obs, Buster at v22.

Plugin compiled, and installed but not show up.

They moved the plugin dir.

Reboot and it might work.

Also checkinstall, in official document action, has been removed from Buster as unsafe

@tqft Huh. Why unsafe? It was recommended to me as a way to easy-package stuff for purely local consumption.

@daedalus yes me too.
Was surprised when not only didn't work but not in standard repo's.

Apparently someone has decided you can do bad things and thus had it removed with no replacement.
I don't know how this helps.

Make .Deb package instructions would be handy, but no. Am going to have to dig for them

@tqft Yeah writing the /debian buildpackage stuff for a PR was more effort than I was willing to put in during writing the blog.

@daedalus I don't blame you.

Just been looking, nothing replacing checkinstall.
The offical debian documentation says don't. wiki/DontBreakDebian
It's a mess

@daedalus its been an age since I got an email after a blog post! Nice... I had a father/son day. Went for a ride. Played Minecraft watched some comedy. Nice day.

@daedalus The covid isolation has been good for video conferencing innovation. I have switched to using iVCam with an old iPhone 5S that was in a drawer. It’s loads better than the built in webcam. My kids have been learning OBS too. Putting together live-streams on YT whilst Multi player gaming and commentating.

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