Apparently I offended the MIL a few weeks ago so now we have family drama to resolve.

I was brusque when she showed up unannounced (during the restrictions when visitors were forbidden to prevent COVID spread) after we'd agreed early in the day to do a video call later that evening.

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First I've heard of it because she just stopped talking to my wife because of it, apparently.

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I offered to grovel for forgiveness (no threat to my ego here, happy to do it to smooth things over) but then there's a risk MIL will consider her behaviour acceptable and keep doing it, so other half want to talk to MIL first. Bracing for the kaboom.

@GoatsLive Humans: Ruining everything since forever. 😜

@grumpysmiffy It'll be fine. I can navigate the in-laws dynamic much better than with my own mother.

@tqft oh yeah, fine. It's just drama. I'm sure it'll get resolved after more discussion. People just need some space.

@daedalus Ooh. Hope it works out for you. Personally, I’d welcome the kaboom.

@urbanfuzzy Better to air things and sort it out than to seethe and sulk the way MIL was.

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