@pelagikat The more I learn about *real* sewing (more than putting a button back on or bodge repairs) the more I am of the opinion that men have been robbed of learning vital, complex, 3D flexible construction techniques.
We should have learned this in industrial tech in highschool and we didn't and I am so mad.

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@daedalus @pelagikat At my school we did get sewing as part of design & tech! And the way it was taught—almost explicitly as a punishment, as if to say, 'children, study maths and physics, or else you'll end up in a job using one of these'—has stuck with me since then as a symbol of the snobbery of our education system

@liamvhogan @pelagikat Yeah, like rigid body physics is harder than multi-material flexible body physics.

@daedalus @liamvhogan @pelagikat A friend of mine actually did his doctorate on non-euclidian pattern making for clothing

@liamvhogan @daedalus @pelagikat I think mum still has the dolphin I made in textile class, sure as hell didn't want to do metal work with that asshole teacher.
Also home economics was fun, made lots of cakes

@tqft @liamvhogan @pelagikat I enjoyed welding and joinery stuff, but I wished we'd done some food chemistry and textiles. Industrial Arts was this weirdly "boys do woodshop and metalshop" super-masculine vibe but intermingled with "the trades are beneath us" snobbery.

@daedalus @liamvhogan @pelagikat so do I enjoy working metal.
Dad had a full workshop, friends of his had stuff including a forge. I could arc, oxy, and white weld. Also solder. Well then, maybe not so much now.
Just the teacher was an ass. Tech schools were still a thing, 2 of my brothers went.

@tqft @liamvhogan @daedalus @pelagikat my high school went co-ed when I was 14. They did not cope well with boys who wanted to do textiles and girls who wanted to do metalwork. I did tech drawing - 3 girls and 30 boys, and a teacher who didn't know how to control the class. We girls sat in the back row as literally the only way to keep our bras fastened (grotty teen boys with T-squares).

@emmadavidson @tqft @liamvhogan @pelagikat Yikes! But yes, teenage boys are terrible (having been one).

@daedalus I've developed a mad Internet crush on Bernadette Banner in recent months. She does historical-ish reproductions, heavily emphasizing styles, fabrics, and techniques. Also amazing camera, scriptwriting, editing, and presenting skills.

And ALL the enthusiasms.

In my headcanon, she's married to Bruce.


@daedalus @pelagikat fun fact, sewing and cooking was part of the curriculum of elementary and middle school in Soviet Union. Although that was for girls, technically boys could choose to do that too, but nobody did because it was uncool :-) Boys did soldering, hammering, sawing and various machining.

@daedalus @pelagikat not really… It's not a simple subject, but being a head chef is so very different than cooking for a family every day, no matter if you like it or not. Like difference between an art, a craft and a chore (although it's not a very good analogy.)

It's a whole other relationship with material, and people. The 'sewing bee' programme on BBC tv is one of the most interesting reality/skill shows, I feel.

@mike_hales @pelagikat Intriguing! I'm not usually into those reality format cooking/baking/building shows (too much filler, too many ads) but I might check it out if I can find it in Australia.

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